Toyota Etios Liva exteriors versus Micra and Pulse – what matters most?

If looks of the car matter you the most in small car segment, then Indian market has a lot to offer. The cars in small size segment that have managed to attract the attention of the consumers may include Toyota Etios Liva, Nissan Micra and the latest addition being Renault Pulse.


Competing with Toyota Etios Liva is Nissan Micra and Renault’s Pulse. Nissan Micra built on V-platform was launched in July 2010. Another new comer based on the same platform is Renault Pulse launched recently in 2012. No doubt both the hatchbacks have lot of similarities but it would also be wrong if we ignore the fact that the cars are biggest rivals today in the hatchback segment. Nissan Micra is already running well on the road and has the calibre to face the competition from any car in the segment. Etios Liva is doing equally well with both petrol and diesel models. Let us compare the exterior view of all three cars.



Looks matter, but performance too – The exteriors of the three cars compared in three terms:

Front face: Toyota Etios Liva‘s front face is sharp and compressed. Renault Pulse is a compact car is also has a sharp front and stylish headlamps. However Nissan Micra is also well designed car but with trendy round looks. Etios Liva ‘s overall length is 4265 mm, width 1695 mm and height is 1510 mm. Wheelbase is 2550 mm and ground clearance is 170mm.


Headlamps, grilles, chrome and bumper: Etios Liva‘s headlamps, lower and upper grille combined together gives it a shape of a human face with smiling dimples as headlamps. The lower grille comes in black while the upper grille is in chrome finish. At the end of the lower grille are placed pearl white fog lamps. The front as well as the rear end of the car has rain wipers attached. The side view mirrors are in same colour as that of the car with door handles, rear cowl and bumper.

In case of Pulse, the car has curvy bumper flaunt Renault’s badge and chrome lining holding the grille. The flanks are very finely finished with few beautiful creases flowing towards the rear.


As for the Nissan Micra is concerned the exterior have oval shaped headlamps, nose like top grille and broad lower grille. The car also has fog lamps on the sides of the grille. The flanks of the Micra are very decent in looks with very few but beautiful creases.

Rear look: Etios Liva rear box is unique and has a triangular shaped taillight. The taillight group include turn, brake and reverse indicators. The dazzling Toyota Etios Liva has body coloured bumpers, front fog lamps, body coloured door handles, side skirt with tubeless tyres and 12 spoke alloy wheels.


The rear of Pulse is quite sober in comparison to Etios Liva and Micra’s rear. The rear spoiler has high-mount taillights and washer and wiper with defogger to give Pulse’s rear hatch look. The rear profile of the Micra is very distinctive with curvy and wavy looks.

All the three cars are equally well with respect to exteriors. However, the Renault’s Pulse only comes with diesel heart, Micra and Etios Liva is available in both. The ride and handling of the three cars is almost the same. However, Micra and Etios Liva have already established themselves in the market; Pulse has still to do that.

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