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2014 Toyota Rav4

RAV4 electric vehicle has the technology of the future

Toyota is a world class auto brand, and has carried with itself luxury and innovation, two key profit driving components…. Continue reading »

Toyota RAV4 EV 2013

Toyota using dynamic advertising to market all-electric cars

Toyota Motor Co has always been successful in delivering new age ultra-smart tech features harmonized with retro-age class and durability…. Continue reading »

2013 Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius Hybrid appears to celebrate EV Day

For those who are concerned about the damaging effects of the auto emissions and want to make a difference by… Continue reading »

2013 toyota rav4

The new 2013 Toyota RAV4 EV comes as a complete package

Toyota is keen on producing as many green cars as possible for the world, and the Japanese car major is… Continue reading »

Toyota RAV4 EV

The year 1997 saw the production of first generation Toyota RAV 4 EV, which was packed with a nickel-metal hydride… Continue reading »