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New Toyota Highlander First Impressions and Review

Toyota’s Highlander is a very impactful and solid Sports Utility Vehicle which starts to grow on you as you keep… Continue reading »

2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

2015 Highlander is sporty stylish efficient and comfortable

Branded cars are the in thing today; with the creation of new opportunities and increase in employment rate everyone wants… Continue reading »

2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Reasons that make 2014 Highlander the best car to own

Everyone wants the 2014 Highlander, the car is way ahead of its arch rivals 2015 Honda Pilot and 2014 Nissan… Continue reading »

2014 toyota highlander

2014 Highlander offers the best of everything

Toyota an esteemed auto manufacturer based in Japan has built world class SUV’s. Some of the best products are Hilux,… Continue reading »

2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

2014 Toyota Highlander is not too different from the earlier model

Toyota is an epic model in lavish and powerful car segment, and has injected powerful designs and technologies into its… Continue reading »

2013 Toyota Highlander

The much-awaited 2014 Highlander makes its way to Prestige Toyota

Americans will surely be ecstatic with the launch of 2014 Toyota Highlander; the car has arrived at the Prestige showroom… Continue reading »

2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Toyota launches 3rd generation 2014 Highlander Hybrid

The world’s largest car maker in terms of sales volume, Toyota Motor is introducing a whole lot of new models… Continue reading »

2013 Toyota Highlander

Toyota Recall 2013: Highlander Hybrid SUVs, Lexus RX 400h Vehicles Recollected For Security

Toyota Motor, the eleventh largest automaker in the world, is headquartered in Toyota, Japan. This is the multinational automaker in… Continue reading »

SpongeBob Toyota Highlander

Toyota brings in SpongeBob SquarePants themed Highlander in association with Nickelodeon

Toyota is known for its innovative and unconventional thinking. The world’s number 1 auto maker has done many firsts in… Continue reading »

2013 Toyota Highlander

Toyota recalls more than 2,000 Highlander cars of 2013 make

Toyota is the world’s most selling car manufacturing company and its vehicles are very naturally considered to be of superior… Continue reading »