2013 Toyota Prius Plus

Japanese automobile giant Toyota has recently come up with a taller, wider and longer version of nature’s favorite car, The PRIUS. Toyota call it the PRIUS + (Plus). As the name suggests, the Prius + is significantly bigger than the original PRIUS. It is 30mm wider, 85mm higher and 135mm longer than a standard Prius. Its wheelbase has also been extended by 80mm, making the Prius + capable of seating 7 people in 3 row arrangement. At the first looks, it likes a Prius with some extra bodywork but, on taking a closer look, one realises the fact that is a bigger version of the old car.


On exterior looks, the car can be easily identified as a Prius with the help of its triangle silhouette. Painstaking airflow management and Toyota’s under priority frontal design language come together to give the Prius + a uniquely clean and cutting edge style. The car is distinctively designed even on the rear side, with a top hinged tailgate, flanked by combination lamp clusters decorated with Synergy Blue ornamentation. The overall design of the car is laid out, keeping in mind a very good aero dynamic model in order to reduce air resistance, increase the fuel efficiency and also reducing the turbulence inside the cabin, resulting in both less noise and less turbulence.


On the inside also, the Prius gets an A+. The class of Toyota shows all inside the cabin if the new Prius. The three row arrangement is well spaced out, with event the 3rd row getting good legroom. The seating for 7 people is quite comfortable. The Interiors are very efficiently and smartly designed, with lots of storage spaces required for any multipurpose family. The central console houses a huge glove box good enough to home the important stuff of the users. The Prius comes with a JBL go green audio system with 8 speakers to provide good quality music on the go. The amplifier of this system is 60% smaller than a normal amplifier, thus reducing the usage if the battery. The overall use of technology inside the cabin of the PLUS is very impressive perfectly matches with the car of the future tag of the Hybrid.


Looking under the hood, the Prius is powered by a full hybrid system, with a 1.8Litre VVT-i Atkinson petrol motor as its heart. It is combined with a high performance Lithium-ion battery and a powerful electric motor. The power train is mated with an ECTV transmission based on the shift-by-wire technology which provides seamless gear shifts. The Hybrid manages to churn out an impressive maximum power of 98PS@5200RPM and a maximum torque of 142Nm@4000RPM. This power system is capable of powering the Prius to a maximum speed of 165 KM/HR all this makes the Prius Plus a perfect car for the future, which can easily house 7 people and take them to places at good speeds and without any emissions or harms to the environment.

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