Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and Hyundai Elantra exterior comparison

After a launch f any car, the first thing noticeable is the exterior of the car. Wit the running race in automobiles, the popular brands of the car is now introducing models with different and unique exteriors talking about their appearance and style as a whole. Under this content, we’ll talk about the exteriors of the models from three popular brands namely Toyota, Honda and Hyundai. The model we’ll talk about is basically premium sedan style wrapped with variants.


Toyota Camry has dynamic and vibrant exterior with chrome grille, fog lamps, alloy wheels with 10 alloys and 16 inches measurement. The multi-reflector projector along with fog lamps aims at providing the stylish and classy look to the model along with its eye-catching beauty. The car is furnished with sport bumpers having edgy curves. The moon-roof facility in the car is like a cherry on the cake. The passengers can enjoy their evening and morning rides by enjoying the natural breezing and sunshine out of the car. The overall exterior measurement of Toyota Camry includes 4815mm of length 1820mm of width and 1480mm height exempla ring the spacious and classy look of the model and keeping it stable on the runway with other models.


One sedan premium car by the brand Honda is served by the model Honda accord. The exteriors of the car include front and rear for lamps which is manufactured in 3D styling slot. The protectors at all sides of the model ensure the smartness along with brilliance at one pace. The rear view mirrors and chrome are designed with body colour of the model. The new Honda Accord comes with 5 passenger seats with wheelbase of 2800mm. the length, width and height of the car offers dimensions of 4950mm, 1845mm and 1475 mm respectively. The exteriors of Honda Accord provide the dynamic and sophisticated pleasure and peace to the mind of the passengers.


The Hyundai Elantra is the third one such model providing the sedan premium features. The model includes sharp and cut edges in the exterior look of the car ensuring the dynamic and stylish outfit as a whole. The headlamps of the car are stretched with brilliant planning involved in the same. The widescreen, electrifying sunroof, rear bumper and stop lamps are included in the exteriors of the car flourishing the model with classy and stylish touch of dignity. The measurement of the exterior of the model offers length of 4530mm, width of 1775mm and height of 1470mm respectively. The trunk size of the model ensures 420-litre size along with wheelbase of 2700mm of measurement.

All the three models talks about their exteriors which comes in common as a whole. These cars compete in their run way with exterior segment of the model brand. Many of the valued customers choose these brilliant pieces of excellence especially because of their exteriors which is an eye-catching perfection involvement. Toyota, Honda and Hyundai, all the three brands compete in their own definition of styling and exterior aiming to provide the extreme level of comfort to the car lovers.

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