Toyota establishes new smart solar-powered EV charging station

The world’s largest auto manufacturing company, Toyota is surely working towards a better and more efficient mobility system by producing innovative models. Moreover, the company is trying to help mother earth by reducing the pollution levels with the help of eco-friendly green cars. The Japanese carmaker is also working to further enhance the clean and green factor of the perfect model eco-district that it has built in Japan’s Toyota City. Toyota has installed a charging station that is meant to be exclusively used by the single-passenger electric vehicles or EVs.

Japan’s Toyota Ecoful Town has got its special Smart Mobility Park charging station that is going to be used as a Ha:mo1 Ride2 (“Harmonious Mobility” Network) station beginning in the winter this year. This smart and convenient electric vehicle charging station will allow the commuters to rent EVs in order to speed their journey to the closest public transport station. This charging station is meant for serving three single-passenger COMS cars as well as five Yamaha PAS electric motor cycles.

The electric vehicle charging station will also have the facility of solar panels to ensure that the vehicles draw less or sometimes no power at all from the grids. The solar panels that are fitted to the charging station will also come with specially equipped general household outlets. This will make them very useful during the blackouts or power shortages, and can be utilized by households of the town in the land of the rising sun.

Apart from manufacturing electric vehicles and high quality hybrid models, Toyota is also developing Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles or the FCEVs that the company would release into its domestic car market by the year 2015, followed by which the cars are supposed to be launched in the other car markets of the world. The Fuel Cell cars are much more efficient, non-restrictive and high performing as compared against the basic battery driven electric vehicles. The FCEVs are also completely emission free vehicles and they run on the natural gases of hydrogen and oxygen. Toyota is also busy working on establishing adequate hydrogen fuel stations to support the sales of the upcoming fuel cell cars in collaboration with other American auto giants.

Not only the development of new and innovative hybrid cars as well as futuristic EVs and Fuel Cell vehicles, Toyota being the largest car manufacturer in the world also knows the importance of the eco balance of our precious planet and the need to take less from nature, as we cannot replace it back. Thus, the Japanese auto major is also trying to establish the need for cars that will not affect the environment in any way while sufficing the basic needs of commutation. This nature campaign is manifested in the ‘non excess’ car concept from Toyota that is called the ME:WE. If Toyota really chooses to develop this car and can sell it successfully in the car markets of the world, then Toyota would achieve a great step towards saving the world’s eco-system.

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