Toyota FJ Cruiser outsells its maker’s sales expectations in Australia

Toyota’s quality cars have been getting indeed very great results for the company. Though the Japanese car maker claims that it does not focus on being the world’s no.1 car manufacturer, it is doing exactly what is needed to become the largest selling auto brand in the globe. And that is to make excellent quality vehicle that can charm the consumers with style as well as performance.

2013 toyota fj s cruiser

Adding another jewel in its crown as far as sales are concerned, the latest sales figures from Toyota reveals that the company’s FJ Cruiser 4 Wheel Drive model is getting sold twice as more in Australia than what the Japanese auto giant first targeted to sell in the car market of Australia.

According to the sales records from Toyota that was announced last week, around 6000 units of the Toyota FJ Cruisers got sold in the auto market of Australia in the last two years’ time, with half the amount sold in the year 2012. Thus, the report clearly indicates that the sale of the FJ Cruiser has radically increased in the present year.

Toyota had set an initial sales target of around 100 units of the FJ Cruiser each month in Australian car market. Whereas, the market had responded far better than the maker’s expectation and about 220 are being sold monthly.

This year is expected to be very good for the FJ Cruiser, as the sales rates of the first four months of 2013 has increased by 10.6% as compared against the previous year. Toyota rightly believes that the FJ Cruiser is growing in momentum as a competent off-roader.

Tony Cramb of Toyota Australia said that the company believes that the modern FJ would find eager buyers in Australia as it is a tough, dependable car that can travel in any extreme weather conditions. He added that Toyota also thought of how the modern car consumers will respond to few of the exterior characteristics influenced by the original LandCruiser FJ40 that was produced between the years 1960 and 1984.

In spite of the extreme popularity of the Toyota FJ Cruiser, the car’s diesel avatar is highly demanded, as the car is still a petrol exclusive vehicle.

Regarding this Toyota Australia’s Mike Breen said that the FJ was originally designed exclusively for the North American market, and not anywhere else. However, Toyota decided to introduce the car in right hand drive option for the domestic car market of Japan, which provided the company the opportunity to introduce the car in the Australian market.

He added that as there is very less demand for diesel vehicle variants in both the North American as well as the Japanese car markets, the comparatively small volumes that the Australian car market consumes would not justify the company’s development of a diesel variant just for Australia.

Toyota has also upgraded the FJ Cruiser with a second fuel tank to increase the capacity to 159 litres and by including the CRAWL off-road cruise control system.

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  1. Deepinder December 24, 2013 at 7:19 pm Reply

    Is there any time in the coming future that Toyota is considering to launch FJ cruiser in india, or rather I should consider importing this lovely vehicle!!

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