Toyota RAV4 sales grow with leaps and bounds

Toyota is certainly getting huge success in whatever it is setting itself on. Being the world’s largest auto manufacturing company in the world, the Japanese auto major indeed knows how to produce quality vehicles that also exude sheer power as well as style statement. Toyota does not only excel in luxury cars but also in various kinds of innovative green cars. Recently, the Japanese auto major is recording a particular boost in the sales of its compact sports utility vehicle (SUV) RAV4 which further adds to the company’s glee.

The sales associate of Toyota Windsor, Steve Cowell specifically says that as soon as the Japanese auto major had shifted the production of the RAV4 for the North American market to the company’s Woodstock plant in the year 2009, the car sales started increasing. Cowell thinks that the major reason behind this sales spurt is because the people want to support the car that is manufactured in Canada.

Recently, the sales of the RAV4 have even further boosted as the car immerged in its 2013 redesigned avatar, he added. As the new Toyota RAV4 came out along with a fresh style, the company is constantly getting out of stock, says Cowell, adding that according to him the RAV4 is the top selling car of the company at present.

The new RAV4 2013 model is experiencing rising demand in the car markets of Canada as well as the U.S. According to the reports gathered by a car portal, in the month of April, the Toyota RAV4 was the third highest selling mini SUV in the Canadian car market, falling shortly behind the second position holder Honda CR-V and the top selling model Ford Escape.

According to the Japanese car giant, ever since its RAV4 compact SUV appeared in its fourth generation form, the vehicle has been setting astounding sales records in the Canadian car market, and the figures are very well expected to rise even further, which may eventually surpass the top selling model of the market. According to the company, the 2013 Toyota RAV4 sales recorded a whopping growth of 36 percent in the month of April 2013 as compared against the same time period of the previous year. Even more astoundingly the car’s sales recorded a growth of 95.7 percent in the month of March and 59.6 percent in February, 2013.

Beyond the North American market, the 2013 Toyota RAV4 grabbed the fourth position falling behind the Chevy Equinox, second spot holder Ford Escape and the list topper Honda CR-V.

The Toyota RAV4 provides several benefits of an abundant boot space, comfortable and high seating arrangement as well as great fuel economy apart from the overall quality and performance of a superior SUV, which invariably draws the consumers in choosing it over minivans as well as larger SUV models.
The 2013 Toyota RAV4’s top trim AWD limited edition model offers a whole host of amazing features such as premium JLB audio, blind spot monitor, infotainment system with voice recognition controls, sun roof, genuine leather seats and backup camera.

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