Toyota Motor manufacturing company has begun the production of Corolla for the year 2014

The all new Corolla from Toyota motor manufacturing company has begun for the year 2014 in Mississippi and also at its Canada Inc. News reports also reveal that the production of the redesigning tundra version of the Toyota Texas plant has also begun in the year 2014. Nearly 40,000 units have been sold already and it has been widely reported that the Toyota Corolla has been the best-selling car in the words and this year has been the 47th year of the corporation in the market. This model that has been under production already is available for sale by September this year.

Manufacturing of Corolla, 2014:

The Mississippi manufacturing unit of the Toyota Corporation has in fact started to produce Corolla by the year 2011, November and this initiative have in fact advanced the efforts of the company to develop, design and builds vehicles in their best possible gesture when they get sold out in the market.

The Mississippi unit of Toyota INC has the capacity to produce more than 160,000 vehicles and has manpower of nearly 2,000 employees. It is to be noted that the engines of this new Corolla model from Toyota has been built at its Buffalo engine plant and the blocks and cylinder heads for these engines have been produced at Aluminium casting plants of Bodine located in Troy, MO.

The Mississippi plant of Toyota INC would start the production of this new model by appreciating a day for its team members known as the Team Mississippi appreciation day, where the team and family members of the supplier team would enhance a great to-gather at the South Arena in Tupelo Mississippi.

The Launch of Corolla 2014:

The American Specification of Toyota Corolla has entered its production at the Blue Springs plant located in Mississippi. It has been expected that this 11th generation Corolla would be reaching customers within the next few weeks.

It has been learned that this production plant in Mississippi was conceived to build parts for Prius and Highlander originally, but Toyota has dismissed those plans and has started to produce Corolla, from the year 2011. It is to be noted that this American plant is only one of the kind to produce Corolla.

What would this Corolla model mean for the Americans?

This plant has been operating pretty fast in making the parts of Corolla, and has enhanced its speed from 78 seconds per vehicle to 86 seconds per vehicle. It is to be noted that this 8 seconds of time saved would translate into a production increase of 10,000 vehicles per year.

The factory has built about 224,000 corolla units till date and the styling of this vehicle has been made a bit aggressive and sporty, more than that of its Euro spec counterpart. This is because, Toyota has learned that its American buyers are pretty younger compared with that of Asian and European counterparts. And this new Corolla has been made appealing for the Americans.

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