Toyota Prius built to create a clean and green atmosphere

Toyota has revolutionized the auto industry with the Prius, a hybrid model and a grand new entry into the petrol electrically operated hybrid model. The car is built in Japan and is introduced in India as well. Hybrid cars are the latest hot topics of interest for automobile engineers, the Prius is constructed with petrol mill and electric engine. Besides the world class technology, the car offers an incredibly smooth driving experience with its aerodynamic properties designed using advanced engineering methodologies. The latest Prius model is manufactured with dynamic features that offer enhanced safety, engine efficiency and mileage.

Toyota showcased its first ever hybrid vehicle at the prestigious motor event in Tokyo in 1995. This was a concept model which later referred to as Prius and was the first ever petrol electric car. The Prius at present has contributed heaps of profit to the company, the remarkable sale figures has led to massive export volumes in over seventy countries.

For an interesting piece of information, the Prius was first introduced in the year 1997, and the second car was launched sometime in the year 2003 which was a replacement of the 1997 model. The 3rd generation Prius car was introduced sometime in 2009; this is also called new Prius and was premiered during the thrilling event of auto motor show in New Delhi. In 2011 a facelift version of Prius was unveiled.

The car is released in 2 version called Z3 and Z4, both cars are similar in terms of basic features, there are minor differences as well, the lower variant Z3is not built with leather cushions. The Z4 is the superior variant and is costlier than Z3. The Z3 is priced at Rs 27-28 lakhs, the Z4 costs Rs 29-30 lakhs. One important point to consider for those who are keen to purchase the Prius is there are varied tax regulations for different Indian states.

The Prius is branded as one of the most popular cars on a global scale; the car was built to apply the most wanted engineering principles such as heightened fuel economy with the consumption of lesser fuel. To achieve this technique there is an electric devise.

The Prius is built with high tech automobile engineering technology; the car is sold in millions in India. Most people are now opting for hybrid cars, since the reliability value is pretty high, where people can commute long distances with ease contributed by the admirable mileage values offered by these cars. The engine efficiency is marvelous; the safety levels are high which results in lesser room for accidents. On a global scale over 1.5 million Prius models are sold.

Powerful hybrid cars such as Prius would benefit the Indian population; the main reason is the pollution levels have increased at alarming rates. There is extensive Research and Development (R and D) being performed in the hybrid vehicle segment. Years from now hybrid cars might over power the dominance of petrol and diesel fuelled cars. It would be interesting to observe if more of such cars are showcased in the near future. The car is priced at Rs 29 to 31 lakhs, which is a noteworthy purchase for its inventive and best-in-class technology.

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