Toyota to export Corolla to Latin American and Caribbean countries from 2014

The world’s leading auto manufacturing company, Toyota Motors Corporation has big plans for its latest generation Corolla sedan. The Japanese auto giant has announced that the company will start exporting the Corolla sedans that are manufactured in the US to 18 Latin American as well as Caribbean nations from the beginning of the year 2014.

2013 Toyota Corolla Picture

The auto leader has also said in a company statement 26th of September, 2013 that the production of the U.S built Corolla units is scheduled to commence at Toyota’s Tupelo manufacturing facility in Mississippi from the month of April, 2014. Toyota Motors has set itself an export goal of over 7,500 units of the all new 2014 Corolla sedan to the Latin American and the Caribbean countries in the entire year of 2014. The Japanese car major has made an all time high export record of over 124,000 U.S built cars to 21 international markets in the year 2012. This accounted for a great leap of over 45 percent of exports as compared against the export rates of the preceding year.

Toyota apart from being the world’s leading auto company in terms of sales is also increasing becoming immense in stature as an exporter. The Japanese major has recently become the largest exporter in Australia and is well on its way to become the leading exporter in several other nations as well.

Toyota cars are known for their sheer quality, great dependability and efficiency. The vehicles from the house of Toyota are also high on safety and convenience factors making them a perfect buy. To become the largest car maker of the globe and to retain its position, Toyota always keeps a stringent vigil on the quality of its vehicles. The company says it is focused on delivering optimal quality car to each of its esteemed customers rather than thinking about its position in the market, and this very attitude ensures Toyota’s top position.

Toyota is also the pioneer of green cars. The company is constantly working to bring in some innovation in the world’s auto industry that will ensure a cleaner and greener future mobility system. Being the largest car seller, Toyota feels responsible to save the eco system and is endeavoring to minimize the pollution level by pushing more green cars on the roads.

As for the highly acclaimed Toyota Corolla sedan, the brand has been a crucial pillar in the company’s growth over the years. Over 47 long years and 11 generations of models, the Corolla sedan has evolved a great deal to fit in to the modern lives of the world’s car consumers while offering only the best of quality and convenience to its owners. The Corolla has become an epitome of a quality car that has remained ever green when it comes to popularity. The all new 2014 Corolla has shed its demure form to immerge has a bold head turner to make a fresh impression on the globe’s car enthusiasts, while deep inside it promises to offer the same gem of a car.

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