Toyota keen to lower Prius rates to elevate its US sales

Toyota is a world renowned auto firm; the company has explored greater depths of hybrid segment. The company is headquartered in Japan and is the biggest hybrid vehicle distributor. The Prius is one of its most impressive launches, Toyota aims to reduce the price of the car to around $29,900, and this is $2,010 lower than the original price. The most loaded Advanced model is released at a 12% lesser price compared to the earlier price of $ 34,905.

Auto representatives in US are of the view that, the price is a critical factor to gather high purchasing powers. During the August month this year, Toyota offered attractive loan and lease deals for its popular and efficient RAV4 Crossover to elevate sales. Other established firms like General Motors, Nissan and Honda have followed the discount path to push some of their impressive rechargeable products.

The overall costs of hybrid cars that run on batteries is 67,000 and this figure was on the move till September this year based on statistical data formulated by analysts in Bloomberg. In 2012, the sale output of battery run hybrid cars is 52,000. A top selling plug in car of General Motors releases around 16,760 products, the next best seller is the Leaf electric car designed by the reputed Japanese firm Nissan, and around 16,076 pieces of this car has been sold.

Toyota has conducted extensive research in hybrid segment, and has emerged with powerful green fuel and chemical interaction theories. This has increased the pressure levels for the company to roll more hybrids. The Camry and Prius are perfect solutions to fight massive pollution levels in order to create a clean and green environment. Another area where the company has to focus on is to obtain vehicles with breathtakingly low emissions to meet the criteria of Zero emission vehicle Program in Californian markets. California is an attractive auto sale medium for the company, where chunks of products have been released with most of them being low emission ones.

The Prius hybrid is a combination of technology and style packed into one product, the car is fitted with 1.8 liter petrol mill that releases 142Nm torque and 73 kw power. The electric engine yields 207Nm torque and 60kw power. The technology used is the cutting-edge Hybrid synergy drive where the driver can choose between three drive modes. This technique is mind blowing and creases acceleration, torque, power and mileage values. The mileage is raised by around 35% when the car maneuvers on motor or petrol mode or only on electric mode.

For its advanced design and engineering techniques the car is rolled out in neutral and professional colors such as abyss grey metallic, Bordeaux mica metallic, white pearl crystal shine and silver metallic.

Hybrid cars are the latest hot research areas, Prius is the perfect solution to fight pollution and create sustainable green technologies. With such models longevity is guaranteed and the planet will be a much better place to live in. The initiative of Toyota to lower the price of Prius in US by 12% is excellent to push the enormous benefits of clean technologies.

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