1984 Toyota Starlet KP61 – A vintage stunner

Cars today become greater breathing areas than before, due to the transformation in design, comfort and technology. There are still however few who prefer to revisit retro eras, for those who do the 1984 KP61 Toyota Starlet is an iconic piece. Like the Corolla, this car underwent extensive makeovers, and is a true resemblance of the 1980’s with its prominent rectangular head lights, simple rectangular grill and a typical vintage body.

The wheelbase dimension of 1984 KP61 Toyota Starlet is 91.5 inch, and incorporated with a potent 4k fuel injected Kouki mill, and 1.6 liter AGZE4 engine. The AGZE4 mill is designed with low compression technology and is filled with connecting pipes to support strained induction. The internal systems used was a 8.1:1 Arias pistons, custom re fitted cylinders, Carrillo connecting rods and TODA piston rings. The other experimental fitments were ARP, HKS and TRD products. The ancient cutting-edge technologies used in this car were (ITB) Individual throttle bodies, than the present day Engine Control Unit (ECU). To avoid accidental leaks there was a Eugene Factory AE111ITB devise with a custom air filling tank. The turbocharger HKS GT24540 R engine is a mini T25 unit that is loaded with compacted air in volumes, which yields supreme energy outputs of more than 350bhp. This engine is inserted with pipes, custom designed exhaust, Greddy intercooler, HKS wastegate and ARC blow off valve. The gases are released via a custom exhaust machine tailored with powerful TRD muffler.

The secret behind the outstanding engine technologies used to build the 1984 Toyota Starlet KP61 is the engine operations were controlled by Australian comp system. Sources state that a basic fuel compensation control system will enable the car to move, but not at desired or high speeds. The custom turbo power train with low compression internal rotating unit is needed for full supple of ignition maps and fuel. Eugene the brainwave behind this engine decided that ignition and fuel are the backbones to a world class engine. Also the uncontrolled fuel and spar supply is suitable to release outstanding torque and power values. The engine was inserted with a bundle of Denso Ignition Coil-on packs, to provide fuel and sparks to every engine, and there were potent RC Engineering 550cc injectors. This technique worked wonders, and the final result was a fiery engine that churned 260 lf feet torque and 301 bhp.

After reviewing on the mind blowing engine technologies thrown into 1984 Toyota KP 61 Starlet, let’s see what the interiors were like. The interiors resembled rustic yet arty modernized houses with a vibrant red and black theme. Those who have sat in these seats would have felt the peak of comfort, with TRD bucket reclining seats. The car was reliable in terms of safety contributed by the Autopower Rollbar, which prevented rollovers. The interior atmosphere can be termed a modern heavenly with a world class 10,000 watt music system with iPod and GPS facilities.

1984 Toyota KP61 Starlet is a stunner, garnished with high-tech modernized attributes from the engine to the music system. This could have been a transformation model between old and new.

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