Toyota Corolla car owner given a hefty 2.2 lakh compensation

A Toyota Corolla owner has been given Rs 2.2 lakh compensation, the National Consumer Dispute Forum in New Delhi confirmed, the proceedings of Tamil Nadu state Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in Chennai, and this board confirmed 2008 Order of District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum in North Chennai. The problem with Corolla was a service defect.

The National Bench, disapproved the revamped petition of (TKM) Toyota Kirloskar Motor Limited, and Lanson Toyota, and the bench ordered to shell out Rs 10,000, to compensate for undesirable mental trauma and harassment. Toyota Kirloskar Motor enjoys a joint partnership agreement with Kirloskar Group and Toyota. The owner filed a complaint in district form stating that he bought the Corolla from Toyota Lanson on the 21st of August 2003.

The owner did not have the liberty to enjoy his prized possession, and within a week of purchase, the situation was unfavorable, a defect was noticed in yellow light indicator. The car was then transported to Toyota Lanson to perform extensive repair works, but this did not work, and the problem remained as it is.

Two years later in 2005, the service station manager, called the owner, and informed him that the defect was in the engine, and overheating was the main trigger for the case. To this the owner reverted back saying, the defect was visible since the time of purchase, and he asked for compensation from dealer and manufacturer. The company’s response to this was; the primary reason for the car’s engine defect was irresponsible handling practices on the part of the possessor.

In 2008 October, district forum ordered Lanson manager and TKM to roll out a sum of Rs 2.2 lakhs to the owner. The possessor of Corolla has issued with the car since purchase, and this plea on the yellow indicator defect was passed through various legislative bodies, and finally confirmed. It has taken ten good years to provide compensation, and the authorities are playing blame games.

This case is a reflection of the slow movement of Indian judicial system, it is just a simple engine defect problem, and the owner’s requirements were full filled ten post complaint. There are many more such cases in India, where favorable judgments’ are passed after years of issuing a complaint. Those who watch the news on a daily basis will be familiar with the pounding arguments brought forth by politicians. A classic example which reflects India’s laid back judicial system is the nine year old Ishrat Jahan case, this is still in the ongoing process, and too many unfavorable allegations are thrown at her. A similar scenario is observed with the Toyota Corolla owner, but the brutal levels are on a lower scale.

The Corolla is a key profit player for Toyota Kirloskar Motor, and hence the demand for the car is overpowering. Let’s hope the judicial system in India improves, and the legal bench follows practical protocols with no room for blame games.

The car owner can now breathe a sigh of relief with his enormous 2.2 lakh compensation. Even though justice is provided, it has taken a significantly long time.

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