Toyota to spin a futuristic chameleon car

Toyota is a world renowned auto figure, and was first established in 1937 August. Through the years the company has emerged with newer stunners in terms of appeal, novel engine techniques and technologically advanced products like Prius and Camry hybrids.

The company has now introduced another technologically advanced model, called the FV2 concept. This is one car that will blow people away, with its color changing properties.  The FV2 concept changes colors based on driver’s mood swings, and also advocates its own destinations based on driver’s facial characteristics. This car has color changing properties, and is one of the concept pieces that will be showcased at Binnial Tokyo auto event in November this year.

The development of FV2 is not yet finished; customers will be thrilled with the launch of a car which changes colors according to occupant’s mood swings. This would be an astonishing piece indeed. Color changing cars were earlier visionary products and were common scenes in James Bond and science fiction movies, but now it is truly real.  It is not rather too shocking that such advanced tech cars are in the pipeline. Technology at present has advanced to a considerable extent that the current techie period can be referred to as the digital age.

The young population of today is familiar with high tech products that go beyond the basic functioning of TV remotes. The usage of complex gadgets like iPads and smartphones has become increasingly common. According to the manager in the product planning department of the company, Takeo Morirai, ‘’our new FV2 project will pose few challenges, since technology has not progressed to rock high levels, and to bring out a car which can study emotions is challenging. ‘’

According to Toyota FV2 is meant for one person only, the car will have the power to understand your facial expressions and voice and even form a strong bond with the occupant. The main principle behind FV2 concept is to form a tight bond with owner. The technology used here will be an image and voice recognition technique to analyze owner’s mood swings.  Moreover the car will record all the possible information on driver’s commitments and find ways to be a useful co pilot.

FV2 is packed with other interesting technological advancements as well, on the windshield, information on safety and traffic conditions will be displayed, and will also change colors based on the driver’s current mood scenario. One can incidents that might signal the car to change into another color is the usual road frenzy. Another interesting point to note is the FV2 will not interfere with the movement of steering, and it is left to the driver on which way the steering should be rotated. Those who are already fascinated with this mind bowing piece can have a grand view of the car at the upcoming Binnial Tokyo event.

FV2 is certainly a product of futuristic invention and represents a whole new era in automobile technology. This car would be highly beneficial in India with the overflowing road range that occurs on a daily basis. There cannot be a more spectacular and mysterious launch than a color changing product. Years from now roads will be filled with futuristic visionary products and we will now move into the next era of car technology.


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