Will This New Toyota Hydrogen Car Change the World?

Toyota has release the initial photographs of its concept car that are prejudiced to run on hydrogen gas and have been named as Toyota FCV. The entire concept of these vehicles has been unveiled at the Tokyo Motor show. Though it has been named as the concept car, the original variant would be released for public convenience in a couple of years. News leaks reveal that Toyota would be selling its concept car starting from the year 2015. The Toyota FCV concept is not just another electric car, for it does not have a battery pack, but is equipped with a system that generates its own electricity from stocked up hydrogen.

FCV concept car:

Hydrogen ions are name as fuel cells, and Toyota has made a heavy bet on fuel cell to power its automobiles in future. These fuel cells convert the energy present in the

Hydrogen ions into electricity by mere oxidation process. It results in generation of electricity along with water or water vapor. This would be the only exhaust waste emitted by these fuel cell cars. These have a lot of advantage over electric cars and are pretty clean and quiet and are stylish to drive as well.

How FCV concept car is better than electric cars:

When we consider these electric cars, compared with FCV concept cars, the former is powered by lithium ion batteries and are encased in quite a big battery pack; these batteries are a challenge for car designers and public, as these are expensive, bulky and heavy.  It was once thought that these electric cars would become cheap and light by now, but the fact is that this battery technology has not advanced at all as hoped by its followers.

It has been hoped by automobile giants that fuel cell cars would be the best alternative for electric cars.

Source of fuel for fuel cells:

The fuel cell that powers these cars could not be recharged and would require a tank of hydrogen to generate electricity. It may be desired to refuel the fuel car with stations that sell hydrogen. Though these stations are pretty rare as of now, they would become common if these cars would be a massive hit with the customers. It is also pretty easy to generate hydrogen that could be made from natural gas and water.

Fuel cell cars for the future:

It has been anticipated that these fuel cell cars would hit the industry from many automobile giants such as General motors, Hyundai and Honda. There are high chances that these would be a big hit among customers, and would change the world for sure with its environmental sense and fuel efficiency. Considering the enhanced cost of these fuel cells, Toyota has announced that it has decreased the cost of fuel cells significantly to control the sale of hydrogen cars below $100,000. The company is also taking several measures to get these fuel cells cheap.  Hope these cars would rule the world and decrease automobile toxins and carbon dioxide emission for a better tomorrow.

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