Corolla satisfies the desires of Indian immigrants in Canada

Travelling is a favorite hobby for many, the thought of vacationing abroad is exhilarating to experience something different from your own, and get a taste of diverse cultures. Shifting base to another country is a different story, it is exciting indeed, but challenging as well, to get accustomed to a whole new life and blend in with overseas culture.

Canada is among the most appreciated immigration spots for Indians, an Indian national Rajah Sellathuraj moved to the country thirty years ago, his friend advised him to buy a Toyota brand. His friend emphasized on Toyota, because of its everlasting durability, and reliability, and he opted for Corolla, and thirty years down the line, the car is his favorite companion, and he now drives the 6th model bought two month back. Rajah enjoys his prized possession, and has driven the car for over 3 million kilometers, and with his green color 2001 car, he has covered a distance of 998,000 kilometers.

Rajah’s friend advised him to consider a Toyota brand, but he did not mention the Corolla, now we would wonder drove Rajah to opt for Corolla. His deep bonding with the car, emerged from his visit to a Toyota factory called ‘Cambridge Manufacturing Facility’, and this is where the 2001 Corolla was built. He met the President of the firm, Brian Krinock, and walked around the factory along with the engineering team.

The Canadian spec Corolla, is the best selling global model, in the country itself, there are over 1.3 million buyers. Corolla has created an everlasting impression in Canada, and this year, the car celebrates its 25th silver jubilee anniversary, and around 80% of Corolla is visible on Canadian roads.

The President of TMMC, Brian Krinock was delighted to hear about Rajah’s ceaseless bonding with Corolla, and said ‘’the success formula behind the Corolla is its supreme quality, reliability and durability, and also its continuous glorious consumer impression and overjoyed to know of Rajah’s deep bond with the car. The driving force behind the enormous success of this brand is the impressive employment figure of seven thousand Canadians, recruited at (TMMC) Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, most of them who build this car, and other phenomenal pieces. ‘’

Rajah is too happy to be true with his Corolla, and terms it a durable and secure model. He travels vast distances of 300 to 350 kilometers on a daily basis, in August he brought a new vibrant red Corolla, and with this car he has maneuvered massive distances of 20,000 km. Rajah has to cover a lengthy distance of 44.3 kilometers to reach Orangeville from his home in Brampton. He teaches in a driving school in Orangeville.

It is a herculean task to cover a huge distance of 44.3 kilometers on a daily basis, but Rajah, seems to have followed his passion, by opting for the best car brand on foreign soil. Those who are in the process of migrating to Canada can take a lesson or two from Rajah, and from his experience, it is pretty evident that Canada is a friendly nation to move into. The fear factor scenario is now wiped away.

The Corolla has lived on the face of this earth for generations, born in the 1960’s; it does not seem to age in India, Canada, Japan and many other places.

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