Toyota Aligns Multicultural Marketing under T2 Umbrella

Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota claims that the ‘multi-cultural consumer’ has become a mainstream and no longer remains a niche.

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To enhance its marketing activities and to lure its present as well as potential consumers, Toyota will be announcing its  merger of various multicultural advertising and marketing agencies into a new team altogether and will be naming it as ‘Total Toyota’ or T2. Publicis Group’s Saatchi & Saatchi, based in Los Angeles, has been Toyota’ ad agency for quite a long time to now. Needless to say, Saatchi & Saatchi will be taking the lead for the T2 initiative, as mentioned by the Jack Hollis, the VP- Marketing for Toyota Motor Sales based in Torrance in California.

Three sister shops from the Publicis Groupe will link up with Saatchi. These three siblings are already handling the multicultural marketing duties for the Japanese automaker. These are Zenith (broadcast and out-of-home media buying, Conill Advertising (Hispanic) and Burrell Communications (African-American). Also, InterTrend Communications, which is specializing in Asian-American marketing duties, will also be an integral part of this esteemed group. It is expected that the T2 campaign will go on floors and become fully operational  from 1st April 2014, which will also mark the beginning of the new fiscal year for Toyota.

Hispanic Advertising usually accounts for the majority of the carmaker’s multicultural marketing and ad spend.  Toyota is ranked at 8th position for this Hispanic advertising agency. The Japanese carmaker had spent 87.5 million dollars alone on Hispanic media in the year 2012, as per the Ad Age’s Hispanic Fact Pack. Toyota is also planning to augment its media spending on multicultural marketing in the year 2014,  as stated by Mr. Hollis. However, the details are still to be worked out about exactly how much will be spend on media buying. In his words, the changes are “about bringing it all together — and making it the mainstream.”

As per the vehicle registration data, the Japanese carmaker claims that it is the Numero Uno car brand among Asian-Americans, African-Americans and among Hispanics. Toyota has sold around 1,742, 111 cars through the initial 11 months of the year 2013. This increased by 8 percent during the same period in the previous year, as per the Automotive News Data Center.

Toyota is also etching out some concrete plans to reach out and get even closer to its potential buyers across the country. It is expected that the car brand could be unveiling at least two new products at the upcoming Motor Show and this will most likely include the facelifted Fortuner SUV and the 2014 Toyota Corolla.

The all new 2014 Corolla is spotted many times at test rounds conducted on India roads. According to media reports, the new Corolla might be launched at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo and is likely to go on sale by the festive season of the upcoming year or by early 2015. Additionally, Toyota is also likely to launch the modified Fortuner, which is already available for sale in the Indonesian market.

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