Toyota new cars in India 2014

One of the most enduring names in the automobile industry with consecutive success in its launches is Toyota. Toyota is geared up and ready with a galaxy of models to be launched in the year 2014. Recent reports have opened up that the car sales will be enhanced to approximately 5 million vehicles in the year 2015 and up to 9 million in the year 2020. The latest news about Toyota is that their manufacturing amenities have also been lengthened for strong engineering base amongst the Indians and quality manufacturing of fuel efficient cars with low-cost.

New Hits In 2014

With such excellent car manufacturing, car lovers are interested to know the 2014 release of Toyota. The Indian auto expo is a grand foundational presentation for car manufacturers to bring to light their new innovative models. With 2014 approaching quickly let take a look at the new Toyota vehicles which are ready for release in 2014. Reports have mentioned that the Toyota Corolla and Fortuner SUV are the two vehicles which will be brought to light.

New Toyota Corolla With Latest Features

The Toyota Corolla is a brand name which all has been heard off, but the new Toyota Corolla will be made available for sale soon with added features and accessories. The new additions of 2014 Corolla are mentioned for knowledge of car enthusiasts. They glow tremendously with the grand new headlights unified with LED lights. The other added features for a chic look are the tail lamps and alloy wheels which grab attention of all the people when cruising through the streets. The other change when Toyota corolla 2014 is compared with its predecessors is that the vehicle possesses a larger dimension with improved protuberant lines. When discoursing about the wheel base they are said to be about 75mm with tremendous commodious interiors for a comfortable drive. When taking a look at the interiors it holds a modernized dashboard, latest upholstery and a brand new instrument cluster. Apart from all these new features the Toyota corolla 2014 also possesses state of the art technologies which take into account hand-free calling, Bluetooth, and striking push button to start. Both diesel and petrol variants are to be released into the market.

The Fortuner With Extra Features

The Toyota Fortuner is the other model with few additives to be introduced in Indian markets by 2014. The brand new Fortuner will cruise in with excellent alloy wheels, extra ordinary chrome grills, and bumpers dressed with skirts. Car lovers should be pleased to know the interiors are gifted with a new entertainment system apart from the DVD system. The interiors are upgraded and made trendier with latest dashboard, excellent upholstery and striking clusters. The other added feature is an effective braking system for an exciting drive. Toyota has made a mark and worked to the fullest for the best fuel efficiency in Fortuner. The electric power steering present in Fortuner is important to be mentioned as a factor for fuel efficiency by 3 to 5%. The most important safety factors include airbags and ABS for safe driving.

Overall it is believed that  both Toyota Corolla, and Fortuner will hit the market in 2014 and generate enhanced sales when equated with previous years.

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