Toyota preparing a brand new MPV competitor for the Indonesian market

The world’s auto industry is greatly competitive and it is becoming more so with the passage of time. In such a highly competitive global market situation, Toyota Motor the global car market leader in terms of sales is always on the lookout to beat market competition by launching more of its superior quality cars loved by the car consumers round the world.

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Toyota is also the leader of the Indonesian car market which is a highly developing market and a tough fighting ground for the global car makers. Indonesia is also a big market for large and luxurious Multi-Purpose Vehicles. The Indonesian car consumers are currently showering a lot of favor to the Suzuki Ertga MPV and a huge wave of interest for the newly launched Honda Mobilio MPV, and in order to beat this growing competition, Toyota is said to be readying up a brand new competitor for these two vehicles.

According to an Indonesian media report, Toyota is presently busy developing a tough competitor to the Mobilio and the Ertiga in order to reinstate its leading position.

According to the reports, Toyota is preparing to unveil its new MPV challenger at the upcoming Indonesian International Motor Show in 2014. Toyota Motors has the undisputed market leadership in the Indonesian MPV segment with its fast selling Avanza MPV that sells much more than that of the Ertiga, and mostly sells twice as much the sales volume as compared against the Ertiga’s sales volume. The second bestselling MPV model in the Indonesian car market is occupied by the Daihatsu Xenia MPV, which is again a rebadged model of the very same Toyota Avanza. This leading and complete rule over the MPV segment of the Indonesian car market proves Toyota’s invincible position in Indonesia and the unanimous trust of the Indonesian car consumers on the Toyota brand.

The report says that Toyota is going to endow a more alluring visual appeal on its new MPV model, which is a part of the company’s new global strategy for all its forthcoming cars. The reports further add that the new Toyota MPV will be more premium as compared to the Avanza, and it is most likely to be driven by a similar 1.5 liter, 4-cylinder petrol motor.

The Honda Mobilio will hit the Indonesian market for sale early in 2014, and it is expected to become a hugely popular MPV model in the country and also become a game changer for Honda Motor. The Honda Mobilio is also forecasted by the market experts to become the top selling vehicle from the house of Honda in Indonesia. This seven seater MPV will be powered by a 1.5 liter petrol engine that will be mated with the transmission options of both manual and automatic gearboxes. The MPV will have a price range of less than 200 million in Indonesian currency.

Toyota is thus sensing a major competitor in the Honda Mobilio and is bracing itself with a new model.

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