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Toyota is a power packed global auto figure, since inception in 1937 August, the company has literally flown with the times. This is evident with the vintage image of the oldest Corolla model to the invention of cutting-edge hybrid packages of Camry and Prius. Toyota’s latest innovations in modern engineering technology has worked wonders, the Prius is chosen to be the most appreciated brand in terms of style and technology.

The phenomenal ratings have been provided by the highly acclaimed Consumer Reports Magazine. Prius has the best mileage ratings ever, and is on the top of the list in terms of being a quality value for money model. Driving the car for a mile will cost forty seven cents. This is an impressive figure taking into account the price baggage which is about $29, 230. The reliability factor with the car is supreme, the car does not require plug in facilities and based on Consumer Report ratings it can maneuver at 44 miles per gallon. America is going through a turbulent recession phase, and hence the initial cost of the car is costly, but it is worth it, since the car is so economical that consumers barely have to bear the brunt of initial payment.

Prius is a loaded package, packed with state-of-the art safety attributes like vehicle proximity notification system, lane keep assist, pre-collision network, and dynamic radar cruise control. The current traffic scenario is pretty hectic with people trying to reach their work force on time; this can result in driver’s breaking lane regulations and crashing into your car. With the Prius there is no room for worries, the car is garnished with world class safety. Toyota has provided an insight into the innovative safety engineering technologies thrown into the car. The (DRCC) Dynamic Radar Cruise Control 26 and Pre-Collision devise 25 alerts the radar network of the car, to sense incoming dangers. If the danger signal is in close proximity to the car, brakes are applied and front seats are pushed in.

The Lane Keep Assist enables the driver to adhere to strict lane regulations, if the Prius sways away from lane boundaries, the Lane Keep Assist feature signals audible warnings on instrument panel. Lane Keep Assist feature works closely with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and this corrects the steering direction and the car is now on the right lane track.

The Prius is not only packed with best-in-class safety characteristics to protect occupants, but it alerts external sources like bicyclists and pedestrians. The technology used here is called ‘Vehicle Proximity Notification System here signals are transmitted to exteriors alerting via sharp mechanical noise, when they are close to the car.

Prius is rated the best value car brand, it is a symbol of modern advancements in innovative engineering techniques. Auto companies and research laboratories all over the globe are working towards the incorporation of clean and green technologies. Prius is not just a product of novel hybrid technologies, and is covered in high tech safety. Driving the Prius is certainly a dream come true for many, it is draped in exotic luxury, reliable in terms of engine efficiency and mileage and also an attractive medium for a healthier way of life.

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