Toyota rolls out replacement vehicle to the reputed Brantford Food Bank

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Company, a reputed auto firm, has announced of its humble offering to Brantford Food Bank. The company is keen to roll out its Sienna Vans to Food bank, as replacement of stolen van, which happened early this month.

Authorities have traced the stolen van in Ancaster, but the insurance firm of Brantford Food Bank decided to not use the van, because of damage to its ignition unit. A food bank is a notable nonprofit charity institution, which supplies food people who are not in the position to take in sufficient food, and keep them in a healthy state to prevent hunger. Once the food is packaged, and reviewed for purity testing, the preserved food items are then transported to government agencies or non- profit communities. The food items are preserved using various packaging methods such as food closets, food pantries, and distributed to schools, orphanages, homeless shelters and soup kitchens.

Brantford Food Bank, has been using the rental vehicle mode of transport, the organization extended its words of appreciation to the reputed auto company saying, ‘’we are delighted to know about the offer from Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada.’’ As quoted by Heather Vanner, the Executive Director of Food Bank.

The company announced that it’s Cambridge manufacturing unit workers reside in Brantford, and are keen to serve the noble Food Bank unit. Greig Mordue the General Manager of the company said, ‘’we hope the new van will enable organizers to supply sufficient food and donations keep pouring in.

This is a king gesture by Toyota, to donate a replacement van which will be used a few days from now. Food banks are charitable institutions that save millions of lives through vast distribution of food networks. Toyota is an esteemed auto manufacturer, and has comforted consumers with its comfortable and efficient products. The company has probably analyzed the needs to comfort individuals visible through its cars, and has hence donated a van to Brantford Food Bank.

Food Banks are beneficial organizations to support and fed millions of hungry individuals and also bring a sense of close bonding between communities. This is an attractive platform for the nation to work as one unit and prosper into healthy successful individuals. Hunger is a global phenomenon, particularly in poor nations such as India, Malawi, Chad, Afghanistan, and so on. In India the economic gap between the rich and poor is enormous, and is a common sight to view small huts on roads.  India is in need of food banks, and a Food Bank unit is soon emerging in Delhi. Food Bank unit in India will act as a recycling platform where leftovers from hotels, social functions, and wedding receptions will be collected and distributed to poor and hungry citizens. This way there is no room for food wastage.

The Organization is called (IFBN) India Food Banking Network and was inaugurated by Shiela Dixit the Chief Minister of Delhi, and the Advisor to Prime Minister on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovations. Like Canada and Australia, if India has a strong Food Bank channel, then the poverty levels will reduce to a great extent and the country will be benefited.

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