Toyota improves safety mechanisms in Camry

Car safety is given top preference in automobile engineering segment, there are several safety regulation agencies distributed all over the world. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is one such premium organization. The firm was first established in the year 1959, and it was done by a group of ‘auto insurers’ hence the phrase Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The firm is based in the city of Arlington situated in state of Virginia.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducts rigorous car safety examinations. Toyota is an eminent global auto brand that has taken car engineering technology to a new level with the launch of Camry and Prius hybrid brands. The car is packed with world class safety features which include increased clearance, and there is a rear sonar illustration feature to reduce the enormous burden that arises while parking sedans. The other beneficial safety features are brake assist, EBD, ESP, ABS, SRS airbags with the speed sensing automatic door lock feature in front and back compartment. There is also a smart key warning system and engine immobilizer.

The Camry is injected with all the required safety features for a safe drive encounter. The car has however not scored too well in the stringent and crucial (IIHS) Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rating. IIHS exams take all aspects into consideration like frontal crash exams, and even rear crash exams. The scores are compartmentalized into various categories which are good, acceptable, marginal and poor. The list provided goes in the good to bad rating direction. Camry earlier did not scrape through the required score of being a safe model, but now the company has improved the safety characteristics of the car.

The company has previously assured the public of its aim to fix the safety defects of the car. The recently launched Camry sedan models are those constructed very recently from mid December to present.  The cars fixed are those manufactured between late 2013 to early 2014, to this the Spokesman of IIHS Russ Rader stated,   the fixed Camry cars can be referred to as 2014.5 year pieces.

Camry models built recently in 2014 have a new front makeover, and the same characteristics are visible in Camry models manufactured in December. Consumers can hence look for the phrase 2014.5

Camry is now rated in the most safe car list, the earlier results were not too satisfactory and the car did not fare well in forward collision warning system tests. Camry is known to be filled with best-in-class safety technology; the car has won several prestigious awards which is the Consumer Reports Influential Recommended Car List.

The new Camry will be an interesting launch, and the most exciting part would be to view the 2014.5 label on window pane. Camry is in the most desirable car list, it is a unique piece, which is not only draped in lavish material, but also garnished with advanced hybrid technologies. Development of hybrid cars is the latest hot research topic in auto labs and companies all over the globe. Auto engineering and scientists are keen to build cars which emit minimal emission levels. Now with the Camry being in the top safety list, it is a step towards the promotion of hybrid cars.

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