Toyota keen to introduce fifteen hybrid models in a couple of years

There has been a rapid progression in auto engineering technology, reputed auto makers have developed and are working on newer technologies like hydrogen fuel cell and hybrid car projects. Auto engineering is a strenuous field; there are many parameters to take into consideration while engineering models. This has churned many opportunities and research prospects for aspiring auto engineering and scientists. The factors that need to be looked into are environment, engine and exterior material.

Toyota has pierced through the depths of hybrid technology with the launch of Camry and Prius. The two cars have worked well with the public; Toyota has sold over a lakh Prius hybrids. The company is keen to push its hybrid car technology further with the introduction of fifteen new hybrid projects in the coming 2 years.

The company is keen to push the theory of hybrid technology all over the globe; a Toyota company official stated that it will roll out hybrid to a large network of existing export markets. Automobiles have a great impact on the environment, and over the past years pollution levels all over the globe has risen to undesirable levels. The increase in pollution has a major stake on health of individuals; hybrid cars have been the perfect solutions to tackle the unappreciative pollution scenario. The figures are admirably amazing, according to statistics on the 31st of December 2013 the emission levels have dipped to forty one million tons of carbon-dioxide.

According to Toyota hybrid cars have also preserved fuel; consumers can save considerable amounts on fuel. Gasoline powered hybrid cars have saved 15m gasoline kiloliter and is higher than even the gasoline output of small vehicles. Customers are in the knowhow of the beneficial effects of hybrid vehicles; this is evident with the company’s remarkable hybrid milestone with the sale of 7 million hybrids. This figure was recorded on the 31st of December 2013, and now coming to the most important part the time frame, it has taken the company not one or two years, but only nine months to roll out the sixth million hybrid car.

Toyota hybrid brands are a common sight in many parts of the globe; the company has sold twenty four hybrid vehicles to about 80 nations. Toyota’s hybrid experiments are not new, way back in 1997 the company introduced its first hybrid called Coaster EV hybrid. The same year in December the Prius was launched, from 1997 till now there has been huge support for Toyota to push the importance of this advanced technology forward.

The company has conducted various experiments to promote the usefulness of hybrid technology. Hybrid cars have been built with various petrol and gasoline fuels. Hybrid cars have received enormous praise and acclaim over the past sixteen years, and Toyota is keen to promote this ground breaking technique, if so years from now the pollution levels all over the world will reduce considerably and extreme climate changes will no longer become a common scenario.

In the coming two years Toyota will unveil fifteen hybrids and the world might go back to initial periods where greenery and clean air dominated the planet.

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