New Corolla just gets better with time

Toyota is a renowned auto firm based in Japan, and a lavish sedan model that has lived for generations is the Corolla. The first piece was launched in 1966 and the company is now geared to launch the 2014 Corolla. Automobile designs have progressed rapidly over the past years, and the new Corolla style theme is in sync with the advancements in car design. The new car is packed with greater surprises in terms of design, smooth drive, interior room and reduced noise, vibration and harshness levels.

corolla altis with VVTI badge-1.

The 2014 Corolla is a grand launch, and looks more professional and sophisticated, and the interior décor is urbane and cushions are super comfy. Consumers who have experienced the earlier model, will sense liberties in the new Corolla. The vehicle is bigger with more than sufficient volume to accommodate five occupants, and the interior materials are tailored with fine fabric.

Driving the new Corolla according to sources is smoother than its predecessor, with reduced center of gravity along with sturdy and aerodynamic body. The suspension apparatus is improved, and the flawless ride is contributed by newer engine technology insertions such as 7-speed multi drive automatic transmission, engine improvements and powerful steering. The 2014 Corolla is an eco-friendly and fuel efficient model as well.

Toyota has built the new Corolla, so that consumers can enjoy the ride and luxury dynamics of the car. The exterior material used is robust, but the body is impressively aerodynamic. The steering is consumer friendly, and front seats are re-structured to offer superior comfort, and can be adjusted according to convenience of owner.

The road scenario all over the world is packed with traffic, and Toyota has designed the new Corolla with suspension apparatus that will function appropriately based on vehicle movement. The increase in vehicular traffic has resulted in traffic congestion, and it is a tedious process to fit cars into tight parking slots. The new Corolla is built with re-worked electric power steering, to ease the burden of parking and move with greater ease on highways and slippery roads.

Corolla has been on the scene for years, and has enjoyed a reputation of everlasting success. The new car is irresistible and packed with safety, quality and reliability, and for some interesting information the new Corolla has been a blockbuster success for more than 47 years, with over 40 million sales.

The secret behind Corolla’s peak desirability symbol is the fitment of anti skid brakes, traction and stability control, whiplash injury lessening seats in front, five star safety rating with 7 airbags and world class music system with USB, CD player, FM or AM tuner and auxiliary pack.

The new Corolla is equipped with potent petrol 1.6 liter engine that churns efficient energy outputs of 154Nm and 90KW. The power train is mated to 6-speed manual transmission that renders a hassle free drive, and power packed performance, and is extremely fuel efficient.

The Corolla just gets better with time, and the car will launch in India in May, those who are keen to buy the car, bookings have commenced. So book your car now and take home the earliest piece.

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