Toyota the most valuable auto brand

Toyota is a world renowned auto firm, and has for years enjoyed a grand brand name. Brand recognition has become an critical marketing component, because of the intense competition that exists in auto market. Toyota is the number one brand according to 2014 Brandz top 100 ranking.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Evaluating the premium most brand is a rigorous process, the brand value of Toyota is enormous at $29 billion. The next in line is BMW worth $29billion, the remaining in line are Mercedes Benz, Honda, Ford and Nissan. The other established firm that has built its stature in the past year is Ford; the company has grown by 56% since 2013. Volkswagen has dipped in brand value by about 4%, and is now the 7th most appreciated brand with current revenue influx of $8.4billion.

Toyota cars are lavish to the core inscribed in Corolla, Lexus, Prius, Camry and many others. The company has explored the depths of advanced auto technology with the launch of Camry and Prius hybrids. The two cars are not just high-tech, but super stylish and sophisticated. Toyota has manufactured products across all genres like hatchbacks, vans, sedans and SUV’s. The company’s Fortuner is equipped with super potent turbocharger engine, and is hence used to carry army personnel’s. The company has lately plunged into Cross market with the launch of Etios Cross, a cross variant of Liva hatchback.

The latest thrill from Toyota stable is the launch of 2014 Corolla, it is a global launch, and the car will launch in India shortly. The new car is an improvement from the past; it is a bigger and more premium model. It is the eleventh generation piece. The global sale capacity of the car is 40 million units.

The 2014 Corolla has a fresh T design theme, contributed by creatively styled new swept back headlights that merge with front grille. The artistically styled headlights have potent LED daytime running lights, and are surrounding with glossy chrome. The bonnet is huge and wide.

The new Corolla is engineered with a sturdier chassis; its wheelbase measurement is longer by 100mm. The car is 15mm wide, 80mm long; it’s lighter than the earlier model. The insides look incredibly lavish with royal beige and brown theme. The surprise factor here is a huge touchscreen, with Bluetooth connectivity. There are lots of storage sports with cup holders, glove box. According to latest news, Toyota is keen to bring in models engineered with breakthrough fuel cell technology.

The company has experimented on latest designs and technologies; Toyota is a highly acclaimed brand all over the world. It will be interesting to view the public response of new Corolla in the near future. It is a huge launch. A classic family model piece of Toyota is Siena and RV4 recreation vehicle. The company has out beaten the dominant nature of many lavish brands in the market like Mercedes, Audi, Bentley, BMW and many others.

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