Toyota Avalon should be launched in India above Camry?

Toyota Camry is one of the finest products of the company. It has also been in the Indian car market for as long as I can remember. In its initial days the Camry did sell in decent numbers but I cannot recall witnessing two Camry’s in a single day on the road during my schooldays. Perhaps, it could be the high price even at that point of time which restricted some perspective buyers from purchasing it. And now, years after those days, I still do not see many Camry’s on the roads. Why is it so? I mean it’s not that the Camry is a bad car or it doesn’t perform well. Then why does it get such kind of response? Maybe, it’s because it doesn’t look as good as it should be. As we all know Toyota isn’t famous for making appealing cars. So, to improve the sales in this segment Toyota should launch its Avalon in India.

toyota avalon

Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon is being currently sold in various nations and is being received very well. It is not a new car and has been in the game for many years now. It is in its fourth generation now. Toyota Avalon is a car which would turn definitely turn heads. That is something which the Camry lacked. The Avalon has a newly designed front grille which enhances the road presence of the car. It is somewhat like what we usually witness in a compact SUV or a SUV. Great job, Toyota. The face of the car is remarkably good than that of the Camry. It is made in such a way that it silently combines all of the front features of the car. The roofline has been stretched slightly to give it a coupe like look. Everything about the Avalon, aesthetically, is fit and fine and should please the Indian customers.

Apart from the striking looks, the Toyota Avalon has got some very plush and opulent interiors. The seats are very comfortable, especially the rear seats, as you’d be spending most of your time here rather than at the front. Some extra ordinary features which the Avalon boasts about includes pre collision equipments and radar cruise control. The Avalon has been decorated so, that you will not be disappointed with it at any stage in your ownership.

The Toyota Avalon could prove to be something more than the Camry, in the Indian car market. Although, Toyota has shown no sign of interest in launching the Avalon in our country in the near future. But when it does launches it here, whether it should be launched above the Camry or not, is a tough thing to say. Perhaps, if Toyota manages to price the Avalon accordingly and launch it alongside the Camry rather than above it, then, we think that the Avalon could bring some smiles to Toyota. It is a tough call to make, no doubt in that, but it is the big risks that big players take which returns some big victories.

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