2016 Toyota Innova and Fortuner to unveil in Thailand later this year

Toyota’s Fortuner as well as Innova have captured a vast share in the Indian market. The, soon to be made, changes in the chassis, drastic makeover of the designs or power train line up will take  a lot of time in establishing its leading position in the auto industry. The global launch is estimated in the end of this year and will be launched in 2016 in India.

The launch of the new upcoming Toyota Hilux Revo pickup truck 2016 led to the beginning of the production of new generation IMV segment products which includes Innova and Fortuner as well.  It will take only few months for the launch of both the products in the market. As per the recent reports from Thailand, it is clear that the new Toyota Innova will be introduced sometime in the mid or later of the year 2015 probably in the months July to September.

The upcoming Innova has set high targets in the Asian market in its respective segment. Therefore there are quite many hopes from this car which is featured with a completely new look and designs. To begin with, a lighter however firmer chassis of ladder frame has been used to ensure better resistance to crash.

But, this is just not all and the changes are not restricted to its exterior only. This new generation car will be provided with a powerful new diesel engine that has been first used in its Hilux truck. In India, the engine will be of 2.4 litre which would produce power of 160 PS. This will combined with a either automatic transmission or 6-speed manual transmission. The new engine is expected to address more effectively the output of power 102 PS and torque 200 Nm as compared with the existing one.

Moreover, this car will also boast a new hexagonal grill which is considered quite upmarket and is in trend these days. With stylish front and headlamps with sleek and angular appearance, Toyota has managed to give this car a refreshing look. The design and the shape is expected to remain the same however, the metallic surface will be enhanced with new lines as well as there will be triangular D-pillar shaped quarter glass panel at the back. The interiors and the back of the car are possible going to be more appealing.

Only few interior features have been lifted from the Hilux Revo truck which implies that the modern age Toyota’s car would not have anything similar with the existing one. Safety will remain a priority in the new Innova. It is expected to be unveiled in the beginning of the year 2016 in India and in February in the Auto Expo. With enhancements everywhere, this new car is definitely going to be successful in maintain its position in the MPV segment.

The arrival of the both the cars is keenly expected in India and it will in turn aid in establishing and sustaining Japanese position in this segment.

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