Toyota Corolla Altis versus Skoda Laura

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Toyota Corolla Altis can be treated as contemporary to Skoda Laura but Skoda Laura holds the market for long. The new Corolla’s styling and mines is to a good extend with the idea from Camry model. It is bold and attractive. On the other hand Skoda Laura is as expected to be sophisticated to look at as one can expect from most of Skoda models. Both the cars have sedan model.


Skoda Laura is capable of pumping 140 Ps at 4000 rpm with 2.0 liter DOHC mill and a 320Nm tyre balding torque. But the Toyota Corolla Altis has the D-4D series engines which are most advanced in technology. In a very linear and absolutely flat torque curve produce 88.4 PS at 3800 rpm and 205 Nm of rotational force at 2800 rpm. Skoda Laura speeds to 100 Km/h in 11.44 seconds whereas Toyota Corolla Altis comes upto 100 Km/h in 14.55 seconds. In terms of top speed Skoda Laura is close to 200Km/h beating Altis by 30Km/h which runs a top speed of 170 Km/h. As far as fuel efficiency is concerned Skoda Laura provides 11Km/L in city and 14Km/L on highways. The mileage champion among tow is Corolla Altis which reaches upto 14.2 KM/L in town and on highway 24.3 Km/L.


Toyota Corolla Altis greets with the surroundings that are familiar. The smart dash in grey-beige combo with fake wood inserts adding a touch of grandeur. Mesh grille is present in Diesel variant apart from the petrol variant. Corolla has pretty comfortable seats and adequate support to most driving styles can be observed. Skoda Laura is a spacious car with rear A/C vents which restricts the legroom for the passenger in the center. Steering wheel is devoid of audio controls which are present in the cars which costs half to Skoda Laura.


Coming to handling and ride barely any difference can be seen in Toyota Corolla’s petrol and diesel variants. Suspensions are not sorted completely for Indian conditions; it is stiff while over bad sections of roads. However the Skoda Laura’s suspension is plain and brilliant, it gives delight while riding it. It is firm and nice, with a plus point of perfectly weighed steering. Quality ride can be felt while driving it although it does not has push start.


Both the cars differ as chalk and cheese, thus they will appeal to different people with different appeal. Altis offers good drivability, unrivalled efficiency, offering space, in short has everything well. Quality always comes at a price and these cars drives with a point further. Toyota Corolla Altis has a price tag staring from Rs.10, 95,000 lakh for the base variant and moves upto 13, 75,000 to top variant. Skoda Laura goes upto 18.97 lakh starting from 12.90 lakh with a variant fro petrol and diesel. Thus it is just a matter of one’s priority which makes the decision even simpler.

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