Toyota Fortuner versus Hyundai Santa Fe


The Fortuner is a heavy muscular hunk by the Toyota brand that underlines its presence as great and rich on the roads. The Fortuner has been designed heavily which gives the SUV an impressive power machine qualities and the sporty and heavy looks easily takes one’s fancy for the car. The new Toyota Fortuner is an elegant functional car, with its king size interiors and stylish exterior design. The interior of the car are very attractive and is manufactured with a dual tone beige dashboard and packed with advanced instrument cluster and beige upholstery. The new Fortuner offers a generous headroom, leg space, and excellent front space. Toyota promises its customers to meet all the needs of passengers by providing a variety of convenient, multi-purpose storage places.  

The new product by the Hyundai India brand has been developing remarkable variance in their performance and appearance with blend of the interior making and the exterior design pattern. Hyundai manufacture various products in the small and hitches models and recently started developing a remarkable phase change by the manufacturing the SUV models. The new Santa is a product of that kind that offers a good drive experience and an appeal appearance. The crossovers provide a functionality of a traditional SUV besides providing a sportive ride. Hyundai Santa Fe IS a midsize crossover SUV available in three models: GLS, SE and Limited. The Fortuner provides a luxury seating capability and a flexible design for the urban lifestyle.
The Santa comes with a class displacement of 2188cc with very healthy power and torque of 197bhp @ 3800rpm and 420Nm @ 1800-2500 rpm. The Santa is provided with an excellent acceleration which runs the car from 0-70kmph in just 7seconds. The Hyundai Santa offers a sound mileage of 14.66kmpl. The Hyundai is a car with 6-speed auto and manual transmission while the Toyota Fortuner is typically 5-speed auto and manual transmission. The both SUV’s does invariantly have the similar fuel efficiency and the cost of the Hyundai SUV costs about Rs. 1993746 – Rs. 2250301 while the Fortuner ranges from Rs. 2060516-Rs. 2111504.
The two products are good at their own kind. The Fortuner has copied the appearances from mini-land cruiser whereas the Hyundai Santa is a combination Touareg, Q7, Cayenne, Subaru. The Toyota features a unitary construction which is a Japan manufactured car, while the Hyundai uses a monologue construction designed and developed by the Korean. Both the SUV’s carry a hunk look from the front. The Toyota Fortuner has been firstly designed in the year 2005 and it is also known as Toyota SW4. The Fortuner is mid-sized SUV based on the model of Toyota Hilux. It is designed in different variants to make avail for different countries. The engine of Fortuner comes as 3.0L 171bhp engine with 4 cylinders with intercooler turbocharger with a capacity of 2,982cc. The maximum power is 171PS@3,600rpm and the maximum torque 35kgm@ (1,400-3,400) rpm. The Toyota Fortuner provides an economical mileage of 12.55kmpl.

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