Toyota engine prowess remains unchained for Hilux

Toyota, a leading car maker cleared the air recently regarding the increased efficiency of 2016 Toyota Hilux cars. The petrol engine, 4.0 litre V6 will not have more torque or power and will remain same as the existing models. This heartbreaking news, although not a shock, is quite disappointing for the Toyota lovers as they were anticipating an increased performance following the launch of new version of the car.

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As the current version of Hilux produces a maximum power of 175 Kw, proving a maximum torque of 376 Nm and works with a 4.0 litre six cylindered petrol engine, naturally aspirated. Those performance specs will remain the same with the new generation Hilux, according to the information. Although considering the aura of the new Hilux in the market, the latest development is not going to affect the sales statistics of the car when it gets launched next year, it seems.

The speculations of the increased engine power and the torque came into the existence when the Toyota Land cruiser Prado laced with 1GR-FE 4.0 four cylinder engine (petrol) received a power boost from 201 kW to 207 kW. This engine will be made available dual with cab two wheel drive and a dual cab four wheel drive versions and is going to have much lower towing capacity than the diesel ones. It will give a maximum towing capacity of 2500 kg( two wheel drive) and 3200 kg(four wheel drive), much shorter than Toyota Hilux’s capacity of 3500 kg(braked).

It is reported that the fuel capacity which has not been announced officially yet is expected to remain the same. The current Hilux gives a mileage of 11.8 litre per hundred kilometres for the two wheel variant and 13.0 litre per 100 kilometres for the four wheel one. However the reports also suggested that the fuel efficiency can very well be increased dramatically owing to the inclusion of a six automatic speed transmission gearbox.

The Toyota Hilux will be made available locally with the following engine variants.

A 2.8 litre, intercooled turbocharged, four cylindered diesel engine churning out the power of 130 kw(raised by 4kw) and the maximum torque 450Nm(increased by 25 percent) while the rpm lying somewhere in between 1600-2400 when laced with six-speed automatic transmission. However, the six speed manual transmission is expected to cause a dropped torque of 420 Nm with rpm 1600-2600 at its maximum efficiency.

A 2.4 litre intercooled turbocharged four cylinder diesel engine churning out the maximum power of 110 kw and a peak torque of 400 Nm while the rpm is at 1600-2400, with a six speed automatic gearbox. And when laced with a five speed manual transmission the torque at its very peak drops down to 343 Nm with 1400-3400 rpm.

And the naturally aspirated four cylinder 2.7 litre petrol engine churns out 122 kW of maximum power with the raised torque of about 2 percent. The engine is reported to come with a six speed manual gearbox and a six speed automatic one depending upon the variant.

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