Toyota Innova versus Nissan Evalia

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Nissan has brought its Evalia in the Indian market as a MPV that will suit to every Indian family. On the other hand, Toyota’s MPV, Innova is the popular one among the market which is hardly seen in the market. A comparison between these two MPV has done below.


Apart from the heavy MPV looks, the Evalia is actually very lighter than the other ladder frame-based MPVs. Being having an engine capacity of 1,461 cc, Nissan Competes with Innova on the basis of performance and the credit goes to its light weight nature. The engine can wide spread the power thereby minimising the need to shuffle through its little notchy gearbox.


Toyota Innova is little heavier and the engine feels a bit more responsive. This feature comes for help while overtaking another car. It has a better cruise and since it has more power, one can enjoy the ride even with a car full of passengers. The changes in the engine and the gear box are not great because one can feel a slight bit of vibration from the gear lever which eventually gets noisy on the fast open highways because of gearing.

The light and fairly accurate steering and the tight turning circle are like a blessing for the Nissan cars. The Evalia that is why feels smaller in size than it is actually. The tyres have a good grip and the car can be safely handled, as long as one does not drives too fast. The slab sided Evalia usually gets rocked by the strong wind, but the overall stability of the car is quite good depending on its proportion. The ride is smooth apart from the rear suspension which makes the car to bounce on the uneven surfaces especially for the middle and last row passengers.


Innova always reminds of its size in the traffic unlike the Evalia. While going slow, the steering requires more effort. But as one begins to speed up, it feels quite better. The low stance of the Innova thereby means that its body control is quite good. One can drive the MPV with fun which is a characteristic of a good MPV. One can have a better ride in Innova which is fairly flat and composed at high speeds and absorbent enough at low speeds.

The inside of Evalia is upright, and giving the passengers the impression that they are sitting higher. The seats are comfortable and the front passengers get a very good view of the outside. Position for driving is nice, ant the steeply raked steering wheel makes it feel like a van and not a modern MPV. The dashboard has been designed well and the gear levers, ac control and music system are in easy reach.


Innova’s interior is more like that of a car. The faux wood addition on the contemporary dashboard makes it look more stylish. Innova does feel a class above due to its quality of plastic and fit and finish. The front seats offer a great support and the seat adjustments allow a perfect driving position.

Nissan Evalia is a good MPV and matches with the Innova even when it costs less than it. The Innova whereas looks stylish on the other hand but then one should be practical while choosing an MPV.

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