2014 Toyota Corolla immerges in its gorgeously evolved form

The all-new 2014 Toyota Corolla had been highly speculated about its really revolutionary transformed looks. The Japanese car manufacturer had been teasing the images of the next generation Corolla sedan in order to ignite the interest of the car enthusiasts.

Now that the company has finally revealed the entire looks of the 2014 Corolla, the car flaunts its totally transformed looks to the audience in contrast to its previous model’s plain and sober design language.
Toyota, the world’s largest selling car company had promised to come up with a new dashing design for its popular Corolla sedan based on its Furia Concept that was introduced at the North American International Auto Show this year. However, it is not only about the great new fascinating exterior but also about the various interior classy changes that make the all new 2014 Toyota Corolla a true stunner.

Toyota was rather criticized for the plain looks of this very competent sedan and finally decided to give it a head turning look based on the consumer feedback. The 2014 Corolla with its gorgeous looks will hit the car market during the winter of this year and is aimed at charming the young car consumers. The performance and efficiency of the car has been increased along with the special stress on its visual appeal.
The 2014 Toyota Corolla is slightly wider as well as taller by around 4 inches than its predecessor. The wheel base of the car is also widened to give it a more aggressive look. The new Toyota Corolla also features tapered corners that lend it and over lean and sleek looks.

The 2014 Corolla has a whole host of new features but two of the most distinct features are its headlights with its flashy LEDs, and a new continuously variable transmission that is very similar to a standard seven-speed automatic gearbox but even better.

The LED headlights are compact and accomplished energy savers, and the all new Toyota Corolla is the first small car in its class to use LED headlights. While, the car’s continuously variable transmission is very coveted, as it is light, compact and more competent than a conventional automatic transmission. This new transmission also features an Eco mode to boost fuel efficiency and a Sport mode for greater acceleration.
The 2014 Corolla flaunts an interior to match up to its exteriors, and it gives a better premium look and feel. The base will also offer premium comforts with world-class Bluetooth connectivity. The interiors will also offer greater comfort and roomier space.

The all new Corolla is driven by the previous model’s 1.8 liter four cylinder motor that delivers 132 horsepower. The car’s new Eco trim is fitted with an enhanced four cylinder engine with innovative technology to enhance the efficiency and delivers 140 horsepower.

The Corolla is the Japanese auto giant’s one of the most important bestselling model and the next generation 2014 Toyota Corolla is carrying the big responsibility of revitalizing the brand’s image. By the looks of it; it already is successful.

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