First video of European or Asean spec 2014 Toyota Corolla showcased

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There have been amazing videos recorded by enthusiastic Toyota fans in the website called of the European or Asean spec latest Toyota Corolla. An exciting piece of information for Toyota fans in India is this model will launch in 2015.

The company has introduced a diesel and CNG version for the Corolla, the model is likely to possess an exclusive style statement with a characteristic rear and front frontal design. The Toyota model for the American market has sporty insertions with a prominent roof design and creative front extension. The 2014 Corolla will be inserted with trendy features of smooth chrome made grille, slender air dam than earlier, tail lights with slimmer dimension compared to American spec. The video showcased detailed variations with respect to head lamp which will possess Xenon segments against the LED units observed in American model. There aren’t many modifications in dashboards, with just few refreshments in air con and instrument plate.

The latest model of Toyota Corolla has overwhelmed the public and is another amazing creation by the Japanese parent firm, Toyota Motors. The car possesses a mid sedan stance and is a dream car for most Indians. On the whole, the car is an excellent piece in terms of luxury and design. Toyota has named the car with an interesting concept, Corolla implies crown in the Latin language and the name suits the car to the hilt, generating impressive sales to the company. The car has out beaten even best seller models of Volkswagen Beetle.

The car is rolled out in diesel and petrol engine, the petrol model is incorporated with a dynamic 1.8 liter engine with the advanced intelligence dual variable valve timing technology (VVTi) that releases admirable 140bhp energy. The engine is equipped with four cylinders with an amazing 1798cc displacement capacity and highest torque value of 173Nm.

The car is inserted with MacPherson type of front suspension, and Torsion Beam suspension at the rear. The steering is mounted with the world class Electronic Power Steering mechanism. There are turn indicators in the wing mirror, parking sensors in the rear and front, auto AC with climate control and heater mechanisms, steering wheel is mounted with audio controls. There are power seats in front and the turning radius of the car is only 5.3 meters.

The 2014 Toyota Corolla is an ideal dream model splashed with powerful features all over. The car is priced at Rs 11.9 to 16 lakhs, the design is the most admired aspect of the car. In India, this would be among the most desired list, since the trend of owning professional luxury cars is on the rise. The significant earning power among the young demographic has resulted in higher demands for lavish cars, and Corolla suits these criteria marvelously.

The 2014 Corolla has interesting features that would excite consumers to a great deal. The design language is amazing which would guarantee second glances; the interior room is abundant and comfortable. The new Toyota Corolla is a noteworthy purchase; the car will hit Indian soil next year and would be amazing to explore the drive dynamics.

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