Toyota adds an innovative style factor to Lexus with brand cafe

Toyota is always known to be master of new innovative and off-beat thinking. This Japanese car giant is putting a lot of effort to make its Lexus brand more stylish and hip. In its endeavor to associate the Lexus brand with cool fashion statement, Toyota has done something that is in no way related to cars. Toyota has set up a fashionable new space in Tokyo’s posh Aoyama district that exudes luxury and trendiness. This new space is an innovative effort from Toyota to associate its luxury brand with the notion of young and trendy doing away with the old and severe.

This new fun space is a boutique cum café that also serves as a gallery and is named Intersect by Lexus. This new age multi-function café was inaugurated by Toyota on Friday, 23rd of August. This is a first of its kind marketing strategy that is used by Toyota’s Lexus luxury brand. More such outlets are scheduled to be opened in the New York City in US followed by Dubai.

While speaking about the inauguration of this trendy new space, the executive vice president of Lexus International, Mark Templin said that the brand has a unique and personality that it really does not shout about with an outward show, but this brand new space provides a good opportunity to showcase the brands style and class.

The new Lexus brand icon café is located on the same street that houses the outlets of several fashionable and expensive brands such Prada, Chloe and Cartier. The café was also designed by Masamichi Katayama, who is the founder of the Wonderwall design firm and the creative head who is responsible behind the creation of the Uniqlo brand stores in New York as well as Ginza in Tokyo.

The first floor of this Toyota’s newly opened space is a coffee shop which has a Lexus concept car serving as a background theme. The second floor of this outlet is a boutique that sells sunglasses leather bags, and volcanic ash cups with the brand name “Crafted for Lexus.” The outlet’s lounge area serves exquisite Tokyo themed food to the visitors and showcases great ambience with classy decorations. The basement of the place houses an exclusive invite-only bar that imitates a dark cave.

According to Toyota, this exclusive and trendy outlet will help the company put in much more elegant factor to the Lexus brand and is aimed at building and reinstating the brand image to the public. The space features a unique mystique element along with excellent functionality and style. Lexus has come up with fresh cosmetic makeover for its entire range. It comes along with a very aggressive looking front grill that is called the “spindle” by the company.

Mr. Templin added that the company is just using fun ideas to reinstate the Lexus brand’s main attributes that are class, style and unmistakable luxury with a trendy twist. This outlet is just an example of how modern marketing can be fun with no serious marketing factor involved.

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