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Advanced automobile technology is a hot topic of research and development all over the globe. The vision here is to create a clean and green future, away from hazard exposure through the creation of hybrid, electric and fuel-cell vehicle technology. Toyota is among the first to leap into hybrid car market with the launch of Prius and Camry hybrids. The car is among the popular hybrids in the country, let’s browse through the interesting details of the car and highlight its powerful and desirable characteristics.

2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota Camry is the second best midsize car in India, it is voted high among twenty of its kind. The rating is stringent and reviewed via a number of factors such as price, mileage, driving performance and reviews. Camry has managed to get fantastic reviews through many critical layers, which is a reflection of world class engineering.

Hybrid cars are popular, but its presence is not felt amidst a large crowd, because the number is minimal compared to conventional fuels. The Indian market is filled with hybrid cars and Camry is voted the best among the lot, and the judging is rigorous.

There aren’t many new Toyota launches in India; the company has managed to attract a large crowd gathering via its unique approaches in terms of excellent service and high-quality design. Sources are amazed with the drive quality offered by Camry hybrid, it is packed with power, it’s got a forceful electric mill and four cylinder engine. The company has advanced leaps ahead in a revolutionary segment, which is a marvel taking into consideration, the challenges faced by the competitive auto industry.

Toyota cars in India are covered with a fantastic luxury glaze, and many of are amazingly powerful. The Camry hybrid is on top of the list, it moves with best-in-segment mileage of 43 on cities and 39 on highways. The fuel efficiency value is just behind Prius.

Camry hybrid offers breathtaking comfort and luxury; it is like soaking into a whole new lavish car world. Through the magnificence of opulence is exemplary ride and handling.

The price structure of Camry is Rs 25 to 29.13 lakhs, the pricing is centered on posh luxury cars, but being a hybrid piece it does appear to be in the affordable range. Owning the Camry hybrid is like possessing a class performing product, just sitting inside will make you feel on top of the world. It’s got first rate fashion statement, interior comfort, performance and reasonable pricing.

For those keen on Camry hybrid, it is worth the purchase, and is a reflection of the progression of hybrid technology. Hybrid car technology is the future, automobile firms all over the world are building hybrid vehicles filled with newer engineering theories. Hybrid vehicles involve electric motor, different from conventional fuels; it is going to take a while to get aquatinted to hybrid vehicles. The technology is moving at fast-track pace, and in a matter of few years the roads will be filled with many of them.

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