Toyota Vios 2014 model was spotted on a transporter – perhaps for its debut at the Bangkok motor show:

Most of the automobile giants in the world are preparing their automobiles for a global presence and manufacture parts in such a way that their vehicles international roads at ease. In this perspective, the completely remodelled Toyota Vios, model 2014, has been spotted on a transporter for its debut at the international motor show. This Vios has been completely revamped for its launch and this all new sedan has nothing to do with this predecessor both in its interiors and exteriors. And we would discuss these features in detail in the latter part of this article.

Launch of Toyota Vios:

This car has been launched in Thailand and Toyota has spread its global footprint with its new sedan. Its new launch has been spotted on transporters for its international debut. Recently people have spotted these vehicles on transported near Malaysia and this also suggests that new arrivals of these cars are ready for their launch in October.

Toyota Vios has been made in Thailand and has been exported to more than 80 international markets all over the world. It is true that this automobile has been a great hit in Malaysia and is one of the best selling cars there. It is also true to admit that this sedan is the best selling non Malaysian car on its soils.

Resources have also revealed that there are two different variants of the Vios launched in the market. The first of the model sport an aero body with multistate alloy wheels and it is known as the G variant of the car. There is also an E and J variant for Malaysians to choose based on their preference.

Key features of the car:

All of the variants of the vehicle feature a 1.5 litre petrol powered engine with 109 Bhp and 141 Nm that spins the wheels through a 5 speed manual transmission gear system or a 4 speed automatic transmission protocol.


The dimensions of the car are roughly, 4410 X 1700X1475 mm and have a fixed wheel base of 2550 mm. The vehicle also is powered by a rear torsion beam and a MacPherson strut with stabilizer. The front end of the car features headlights with LED beams as replacement reflector.

The rear lights of this Toyota Vios are again decorated with LED beams and a new bumper to add muscular features and impressions of the car.


The lower grade E and J variants of the car with manual transmissions are priced at 550,000 Thai Baht while the higher specs S and G variants are priced at 734,000 Thai Baht.

Vehicle interiors:

The interiors of the car have pretty new designs as well and focus on clustering instruments behind the steering wheel. This instrument cluster sports a three binnacle design with amber or red coloured back lighting and the camera stack uses blue backlighting. The air conditioning vents separates the audio controls into the top and bottom spheres. Thus, this Toyota Vios is a perfect launch for international grounds, and would be a great success at the international debut shows.

Image Source: Paultan

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