Toyota Recall 2013: Highlander Hybrid SUVs, Lexus RX 400h Vehicles Recollected For Security

Toyota Motor, the eleventh largest automaker in the world, is headquartered in Toyota, Japan. This is the multinational automaker in Japan. Toyota has many factories in most important major cities of the world. Recently Toyota has announced voluntary recalls for safety of the public. On September3, 2013, Wednesday at the officials at the sales department of Toyota motor in United States of America, Inc. announced that they are going to carry out two voluntary Recalls for the Safety of the Public. The two models of cars going to be recalled are Highlander Hybrid SUVs as well as Lexus Rx 400 h vehicles. They are going to recall around 2, 35,000 coupes in United States. The survey conducted by the CNN reveals that the recall also involves around 75,000 cars in Japan along with 37,500 vehicles in the Europe.

2013 Toyota Highlander

Highlander Hybrid SUVs for recall were formed since 2006 to 2010 and it is just about 133,000 MY in numbers and Lexus RX 400h coupes starting from 2006 up to 2008, which is just about 102,000 MY. They have also included the other model for recall which are Lexus IS 350 coupe, IS 350C car range, as well as GS 350 vehicles produced from 2006 to 2011.

The Toyota Motors’ automaker is now functioning on obtaining the required alternative parts. Once the alternative parts are on hand, they will notify specific the owners. The owners will be contacted and notified of the recall through mail within next year.

Once the alternative parts have been formed in adequate quantities, the company will make the replacement with no charge. If the owner missed to respond in the first mail, they will call them with second notification and advices the first owners to contact the dealers of the Toyota company with their Proper IPM.

Reason for recall:

Highlander hybrid SUVs:

The highlander hybrid SUVs as well as Lexus RX 400h of Toyota is recalled for the following reason. In the Highlander hybrid, the transistors are builtcontrol board with parallel circuits. The variations caused in these parallel circuits originate heat damage in the inverter of the highlander Hybrid system.  These eventually illuminate the numerouscautionaryilluminations located on the toolsection and in many rapid cases it results in home mode of the limp that is they can be driven for some short distances. In some instances, the system of the hybrid shuts down automatically which subsequently results in stopping of the vehicle that’s driven.  These happen only during high load driving which causes high current flow.

Lexus RX 400 h:

The Lexus Rx 400 h is recalled for the other reason which is also causing the vehicle to stop at the moment of driving. The bolts used to safe the timing controllermethod of the variable valve may become loose which ends up in stopping the vehicle. The vehicle also gives a warning of abnormal sound immediately after start up.

The owner can connect with the dealer immediately after receiving the mail from the Toyota.

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