The next-gen Toyota Camry captured

There is some awesome news for ardent Toyota car enthusiasts, the company is working on a next-gen Camry car, expected to launch sometime in 2018. The car was captured in testing stage and it was heavily camouflaged and is likely to have few modifications. The upcoming car is the seventh generation model.

Toyota Camry

It is exciting indeed to learn about a forthcoming next-gen Camry launch, car enthusiasts were able to trace some details of the disguised car, and some of the revealed features are new tail lights, new bumper and door fitted wing mirrors. Camry is a luxury sedan that is highly desirable in many parts of the globe, and now there is an eighth-generation car to look forward to.

The seventh-generation Camry is going to be engraved with a greater level of innovation, and it will be constructed on an advanced NGA-C platform, invented by the pioneering team of Toyota engineers. The engine too is going to be more revolutionary and powerful, the car will move on a modified variant of the present 2.5-liter Dual VVT-I naturally aspirated 4-cylinder petrol mill that generates super fierce energies of 178PS. According to reports Toyota is likely to introduce a hybrid variant as well.

The whole world is waiting for the seventh-gen Camry, and a global premier will happen in 2017, and is likely to be sold as 2018 model. The Indian population is surely going to go crazy about the seventh-gen Camry, however it is still unknown whether the car will launch in India or not. The good news is the hybrid car will do its rounds in India.

The next-gen Camry is going to be new source of futuristic invention defined by the ultra-space Toyota New Global Architecture platform. Toyota is engineering the car in a manner to facilitate effective drivability and world-class comfort. It is the TNGA platform that will cater to increased rigidity and reduced weight.

The next-gen Camry is among the most noteworthy introductions of Toyota, and this is a more futuristic model of the previous generations. It is the best feeling ever to own a luxurious Camry car, and it is just unmatched with regard to advanced style and technology. It is one model that is a huge success all over the world.

For ardent Camry fans in India, let us hope positive news of a next-gen vehicle launch is announced soon. This is going to be one car that is worth buying, because it represents a whole new level of technology advancement defined by the new TNGA platform, and there might be a hybrid launch as well.

It is certain that the nation of India is ready for a next-gen Camry car, and this one is going to be spectacular and just amazing. Toyota is likely to launch the car sometime in 2018, and this is going to be a revolutionary launch. Toyota has always been a pioneer of advanced technologies and has been among the great inventions of hybrid car, visible on Camry and Prius hybrid. For now, let us patiently wait for the announcement of next-gen Camry launch in India.

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