Corolla 2014 from Toyota to Lead the Game

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Toyota has finally unveiled the 2014 Corolla. Needless to say, it faces some commonly asked questions like does it accommodate four occupants in a comfortable way, does it offer impressive fuel economy, how easy it is to drive, is it reliable and safe and many others.

2014 toyota corolla front shoot

The good news is that the 2014 Corolla checks all the boxes from the aforementioned questions. Having designed a show stealer with the 2012 Corolla, Toyota achieved 3,00,000 sales mark.  This sales figure also includes the sale of Matrix, which is not in production anymore. Toyota had genuine reasons to discontinue the Matrix and concentrate on the Corolla 2014.

Considering from a business standpoint, the Corolla 2014 has emerged as a clear winner. Unsurprisingly, Toyota has not introduced any radical changes in the eleventh generation Corolla 2014. There are no second thoughts about its seating capacity and four people can comfortably travel in this new sedan. The Corolla 2014 also impresses with its fuel economy. It offers an effortless driving experience.  It appears quite safe and reliable in terms of handling and safety features. What serves as the icing on the cake is its stunning, futuristic looks. As compared to its predecessor, the Corolla 2014 packs in exciting features and also a refreshed appearance.

The most unanticipated surprise with the 2014 Corolla is hidden in its looks. The eleventh generation Corolla can be best described as handsome. Even if you are looking at the lowest trim, you would still be left impressed with its stunning looks. Toyota received customers’ opinions that the present model ‘lacked excitement’. Indeed, Toyota has taken note of this feedback and introduced the ‘Iconic Dynamism’ design architecture. This was first noticed on the Furia concept launched by Toyota.

All the S models of the 2014 Corolla will flaunt piano black embellishments gracing the front fascia as well as on the rear lip spoiler. The optionally provided 17-inch alloy wheels that are enveloped in 45R17/P215 Firestone FR740 tires will be provided only with the Premium and the S Plus trims. These two trims lend a sporty impression to the new Corolla.

It is in the S trim of the 2014 Corolla that the Toyota’s design architecture is best reflected as a consistent package. In the previous models, S models were quite distinctive from what appeared as bolt-on-bodywork. The end packaged would never really look as a complete, cohesive package. However, it is not the same with the 2014 Corolla. By the first looks, it comes across that the eleventh generation Corolla was foremost and first designed to be an S model and some elements were toned down to develop the lower-end LE Eco, LE and L trim levels.

For all those who are not aware, the 2014 Corolla is lower, wider and longer than before.  Toyota’s designers have extended its wheelbase by nearly four inches. The overall length has been stretched by 3.3 inches while the width is increased by half an inch. The height of the new sedan is reduced precisely by four-tenth of an inch. The weight is also kept under control and the curb weight ranges between 2800 and 2865 pounds, based on the trim.

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