Intense competition between Toyota Land Cruiser and Land Rover Range Rover

The Indian car segment is filled with stylish and powerful range of SUV’s (Sport Utility Vehicles). Toyota’s SUV are known to be dynamic, the Fortuner and Land Cruiser are potent SUV’s of the company. These cars are built with world class technologies to an extent that it can be driven for miles without bothering about the engine heating up. The launch of Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster has excited sporty car enthusiasts to a great deal, these are highly urbanized SUV’s built for ideal city road conditions.

The 200 Land Cruiser is sports an ideal urbanized SUV image, and is built with a potent 4.5 liter diesel mill attached to six speed automatic gearbox. The car churns impressive engine outputs of 650Nm torque and 261 bhp power. The car can maneuver on the toughest of tough terrains with ease.

A leading British auto enterprise Land Rover has recently introduced a supremely luxurious car, the Range Rover Sport. Land Rover is a division of Jaguar Land Rover Group, and is subsidiary of Tata Motors, a reputed domestic auto enterprise. According to industry analysts, the Jaguar Land Rover has contributed heaps of profits to Tata Motors.

The newly launched Range Rover Sport is a sophisticated and professionally designed SUV. The car has all the attributes for optimum consumer satisfaction, with its incredible drive dynamics, technology and breathtaking luxury. Its robust competitor is Toyota Land Cruiser 200; the company has recorded admirable profits with this car. The Range Rover Sport is fitted with 2 engines; the diesel fuelled car has a dynamite 3 liter V6 Turbocharged engine which releases 600Nm torque and 290bhp power.

The petrol fuelled Range Rover Sport is incorporated with an engine that yields superior torque and power values. The car is fitted with a an efficient 5 liter mill with V8 drive train technology that releases shockingly remarkable engine outputs of 508bhp and 625Nm torque.

The diesel and petrol Range Rover Sport have engines matted to 8 speed ZF automatic gearbox. The selling proposition of the car is the inventive engineering technology of monocoque chassis draped in pristine aluminium metal. The Range Rover Sport is built with a larger dimension than the earlier car.

Auto experts are of the view that both SUV’s are equally powerful and luxurious; Toyota has conquered the depths of luxury and technology, and has emerged with highly powerful engines manufactured with excellent cooling properties. The Range Rover Sport is equally luxurious and technologically advanced model.

Both cars are worthy purchases in terms of engine capacity, to experience an amazing off-terrain vacation. The two models represent progression of luxury SUV’s in India, and the competition has only become more intense. The cars are catered to the wealthy demographic in India, who are entrepreneurs or have reached a top position in their work force. The Land Cruiser and Range Rover Sport are dream models desired by many people, but it can be enjoyed by rich Indian’s only. These models are attractive mediums for highly ambitious Indians to climb to the top most position.

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