Toyota displays its hydrogen powered sedan at the Tokyo Motor Show

The optimal green technology of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell had always seemed to be a thing of the future. However, now the major global auto makers are saying that the moment for the Fuel Cell’s advent has finally come. The ongoing Tokyo Motor Show is thus, brimming with the Japanese auto giants and their fuel cell concepts.

The pioneer of the mass produced Hybrid cars, Toyota Motor which gained major success and the world’s acclamation for the Prius hybrid has unveiled its fuel cell concept at the Tokyo Motor Show on 21st of November. This hydrogen fuel cell powered sedan is still known as the FCV concept, and is expected to launch in the market ‘around 2015’ as per Toyota.

This dazzling blue hydrogen powered sedan from Toyota is one of the attention grabbers among many other cars with alternative fuel options that were displayed and waiting to be unveiled at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The Toyota Fuel Cell sedan structured to look similar to a water drop in order to emphasize on the fact that the hydrogen powered cars only emit water vapor into the atmosphere.

Apart from the Japanese car major Toyota, Hyundai and Honda are also ready with their own fuel cell cars. The Japanese luxury car brand, Honda is with its Fuel Cell concept which is expected to launch in 2015, while the South Korean car giant Hyundai, is set to overshadow both the Japanese auto giants by launching its hydrogen fueled Tucson SUV in 2014.

As the fuel cell technology involves massive development costs, a lot of auto makers have shirked this way, while the other have got into joint ventures, Toyota has a fuel cell partnership with BMW, while in the month of July this year, Honda has entered into a joint venture with General Motors.

The fuel cell technology was discussed for many years now but never seemed feasible owing to its sky-high development costs and the absence of hydrogen refueling infrastructure. However, now Toyota has announced that it has considerably reduced the development costs and expects to further reduce it by half in future and make it very affordable for the global mass market.  Toyota’s home market rival Honda also says that the hydrogen cars could be priced lesser than its battery EV counterparts. Thus, the automakers are making this ultimate green technology more practical for the near future.

Toyota believes that the fuel cell cars are the most efficient and convenient green vehicles that can actually change the future of personal mobility. The Fuel Cell cars produce electricity to power them by combining the compressed hydrogen with the oxygen found in the atmosphere and emits only pure water vapor. Toyota says that its hydrogen powered sedan can run for about 500 kilometers on full tank and takes only about 3 minutes to get fully refueled.

Toyota says that one of the reasons that it is putting extra effort into the fuel cell technology is to send a message to the world to go green.

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