Aam Aadmi Ministers get a well deserved gift Toyota Innova cars as Official perks

The political scene in India is an assortment of honesty and corruption, there are some leaders who are working out effective methods to improve the economic scenario of the country and there are some political leaders who are involved in corruption. Most people today are glued to their television sets because the Aam Aadmi Party has come to the scene. The party is working towards a prosperous and corruption free nation.

Aam Aadmi party is filled with dynamic leaders who have already started work on improving the water and electricity scenario in the country. All ministers in the party baring Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister were given Toyota Innova cars as perks. Political leaders hold the highest positions in the country, and are given the greatest treatment and come to office in luxury cars. Eminent political leaders in India like Saurabh, Rakhi Birla and Manish Sisodia have arrived at the National Capital Delhi in plush cars.

Kejriwal was questioned on the great gesture of being allotted the Innova, to this he replied saying, his party team never even once mentioned that official vehicles should not be used. He also went on to say that the he and his team were not against accepting the offering of official cars, but they did not desire to travel in ‘red beacon vehicles.

Ministers who seem promising and who hold high positions in parliament are offered opulent cars. The Aam Aadmi Party accepted the offering after the Government won the Trust Vote in assembly with the support of Congress. The current promising political parties who have announced of their plans to incorporate smart and beneficial strategies for the betterment of Indian society have been till now travelling in auto rickshaws and metros, and this is in sync with Aam Aadmi moto.

When questioned on the matter, a top party official Sisodia stated that party was against the VIP treatment offering, and also said that it was not a major issue to drive in official vehicles. Sisodia declined to provide an answer to the question of Kejriwal accepting an Official model.

Bharadwaj’s car at one point had no fuel at all and he had given his ATM Card to his wife. Since his car was completely out of fuel he had to use a Government vehicle for transport. Bharadwaj is a minister for Environment, Food Supplies and Transport.

The Indian political scenario over the past few years had witnessed corruption at its peak. There are many scams which have turned out to be pretty ugly; the Aam Aadmi party is working towards eliminating the corruption barrier and keen to supply decent amounts of electricity and water to its people. Those who are in tune with current affairs are frequently watch the news channels will be familiar would have read about the parties new strategies.

Toyota has built the Innova with a view to comfort large families, and is a symbol of prestige in India. The car suits the Aam Aadmi party philosophy to the core to comfort a large section of Indian society. Let’s wait for the upcoming elections and it would be beneficial to the country if the Aam Aadmi party comes to power.

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