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The luxury car market has expanded to new levels, more and more new theories on car design technology have emerged over the past few years. Toyota is one brand which is perfectly in sync with luxury. The Vios is among its splendid luxury creations. There is exciting news for those who admire the car to the core Toyota is all set to launch the 2014 Vios.

New Toyota Vios

The third gen Vios model was displayed at the prestigious Thailand International Motor even last year in 2013. The new Vios is filled with fresh new insertions which are a new creatively styled grille, and fresh front spoilers. A standout feature of third gen Vios that differentiates the car from its predecessor is the presence of the fresh grille, and this is a visible attention grabbing characteristic. The grill arrangement adds a tint of sophistication and trendiness to the car; it is structured into a neat V.

The new Vios has been launched in Malaysia, and the crowd response would have surely been on the rooftop. Vios is a classic piece to own, it’s molded into a neat streamline structure. Toyota has designed the vehicle in neat proportion, and it appears elegant in a professionally simplified manner. The company has introduced few cuts and creases. Even the wheel arches bear a simple straight design.

For global markets Toyota intends to sell the car in its original format to the likes of its predecessor. The new Vios won’t have visible changes, but there will be modifications in its height and length dimension. The car design is picture perfect, and with a prolonged glance, the image is nothing but a perfect line. Toyota has injected creative style formulas into the car, the design movement is impeccable. The company has built a flawless straight line Vios to improve the air resistance mechanism of the car.

Third gen Etios will be fitted between Etios and Corolla, and will have a powerful four cylinder diesel 1.5 liter engine that pumps out efficient energy outputs of 141Nm torque. The car is already in sale in Malaysia and costs Rs 73,200, and if launched in India the car will cost Rs 7 to 10 lakhs.

Toyota has not revealed information about the launch procedures of Vios in India, if it happens, it is an additional thrill factor to the existing line up of products scheduled to launch in 2014. As glossy as the exteriors are the interiors packed with enormous cabin space and world class fitments to meet the needs and aspirations of modern demographic. It is the best feeling ever to spend a relaxed vacation in third gen Vios. The car is a symbol of opulence and grandeur and complements the top notch corporate state of hard working professionals.

The road conditions in India is rather sub standard, and bringing a lavish brand to the country poses elements of concerns to customers. The road scenario in the country is garnished with roughness and bumps. If the new Vios is launched in India, there is no room for worry, since the company has engineered the car to provide supreme ground clearance, a perfect match for Indian terrains.

The new Vios is certainly a fantasy package for Indian’s; it is a value for money product. Consumers can feel the rhythmic waves of luxury for a price of Rs 7 to 10 lakhs.

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