2014 Toyota Highlander is not too different from the earlier model

Toyota is an epic model in lavish and powerful car segment, and has injected powerful designs and technologies into its sport Utility vehicles. The Highlander is a craze all over the world, and Toyota has now introduced the 2014 Highlander.

Highlander is the perfect family model, and the new car looks more attractive than its predecessor. The 2014 Highlander is splashed with amazing features with a greater aerodynamic roof, an artier and bigger grille. The insides are packed with luxury with the high tech Entune interactive screen technology used in all variants, and satellite navigation. There is a new all wheel drive system that offers extended stability with two engine options with a capacity of 3.5 or 2.7 liters that releases 185 or 270 hp.

Lifestyles and preferences have changed drastically over the years, and customers today yearn for optimum comfort and luxury to tide away from the hectic lifestyle. Toyota has infused desirable qualities into the 2014 Highlander that suits the needs of the modern demographic. The car is just more high tech and comfortable and in international markets the initial price of the vehicle is $30,000.

The changes are too visible, despite the massive improvement of 2014 Highlander from the previous model. The car has always been on a success roll, and Toyota has hence made the exteriors more creative and insides more comfortable and technologically advanced.

Highlander can be termed an amazing recreation vehicle for years, and perfect to spend a relaxed vacation browsing through fun outdoor activities. Car enthusiasts who have driven the 2014 Highlander has nothing but good reviews for the car. The ride was a super smooth one, for its dimension it did not feel heavy at all, and it is fun to drive the huge Highlander that can transport many occupants who would not feel the burden of a heavy carrier.

The 2014 Highlander is equipped with potent V6 3.5 liter (CVT) Continuously Variable Transmission Engine that releases 280 bhp. The car maneuvers with a mileage of 28 mpg on highways and 27mpg on ideal city conditions. The car is sold in four wheel drive mode, and the mileage of all wheel drive mode is 24mpg on highways.

The 2014 Highlander looks pretty grand from outside, just step into the car and occupants can feel waves of luxury. The interior room is luxuriously spacious with ample storage spots. The space in center console is enormous that can fit in not one but two big bottles.

Highlander has always been the ideal fun vacation model and the 2014 model is just better than its predecessors. The car is simply perfect from all angles, and is highly fuel economical. The new Highlander is a thrill factor for many especially for those who are keen on an adventurous getaway.

The most exciting part about 2014 Highlander is it can carry tons of occupants and the aftermath effect is not a heavy one. It is a fun model for a group of family and friends to browse through fun activities and families can carry their sport and camping equipment.

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