Toyota Camry versus Skoda Superb-Tough battle

The sedan market in India is huge, and it is a bit confusing to choose a well built, attractive and powerful sedan, because there are too many options to choose from. Let us compare two popular sedans Toyota Camry and Skoda Superb.


Toyota Camry is inserted with a powerful petrol 2.5 liter engine that pumps out 178bhp. The power movement is robust, with little room for engine strain, and the car can cover vast distances of 100 kph in just 9.23 seconds. The engine is attached to 6 speed automatic gearbox and runs smoothly.

Skoda Superb maneuvers on dynamic petrol 1.8 liter engine that churns 160bhp, and the engine used is direct injection motor. The engine movement is smooth, and power output is efficient, and the initial acceleration pull is pretty impressive contributed by eager engine. The fiery robust engine enables the car to cover 100 kmph in just 8.56 seconds. The engine is mated to 7 speed dual clutch gearbox and the gear handling mechanisms are quite smooth and consumer friendly.

2014 skoda superb

Suspension efficiency:

Toyota has engineered the Camry with impressive suspension equipment, which emits minimal vibrations, and can maneuver on challenging terrains with ease. Even when the car is moving at snail pace, the suspension works well, and the power yielded at high speeds is splendid. The suspension equipment is well structured to an extent that it can hold the car during the event of back rolls.

Skoda Superb ranks high in suspension department, there is however a sense of uneasiness at lower speeds, and the thrill is sky high when the car is moving at high speeds. The tires are wired to offer firm grip especially at the edges, to give that extra movement edge. The movement and balance network of Superb is among the best in its class.


Camry is an exquisite sedan inside out, and the interior décor is impressively lavish. The cushions are tailored with fine upholstery, and the wood finish on steering and dashboard enhances the aesthetic value of the car. The seats are super comfy and wide to just enjoy a grand comfortable ride. The back compartment is posh as well, and the comfort levels are heavenly with excellent shoulder room and thigh support.

Skoda has adopted simple yet elegant décor for the Superb; there are minimal differences between the earlier model and the facelifted car. The difference lies in the fitment of three spoke steering wheel. The cabin is not as appealing as Camry, but the cushions offer abundant comfort, and drivers can experience waves of comfort while driving.


Camry is loaded with equipments such as a world class 2 Din touchscreen music system with USB, aux-in connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control and parking sensors. The car is not loaded with optimum safety features with the absence of airbags, and other reliable features are absent like reverse camera and sunroof.

Skoda is packed with exciting equipments as well, in form of six CD charger, split folding back seats and touch screen interface. The car scores well on safety front with the presence of standard safety features such as ESP, ABS, and 6 airbags.

Toyota Camry is a better pick in terms of engine power, interior décor and suspension. Skoda Superb is a worthier pick on equipment and safety front.

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