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Toyota has interesting new models this year, the new Corolla Altis and Etios Cross. The company lately launched its much awaited Etios Cross piece, a new Cross product sounds attention-grabbing, and anyone would want to get a taste of something new and exclusive. The car was launched few days ago, and sources have driven the car and given their impression.

Toyota Etios Cross Auto Expo

Toyota Etios Cross Auto Expo

Etios Cross is a cross variant of Etios Liva, Liva is among Toyota’s popular models, but not so famous to fight the stiff battle. Toyota has now introduced the Etios Cross to probably create a new spark to Liva. Although a new Cross launch sounds varied from usual pieces, it is a competitive segment. Cross is the third car to arrive in India after Polo and Fabia.

The signature trait of a cross car that differentiates it from others is plastic cladding. Etios Cross was covered with silver and black plastic cladding; the other unique features are handle bar on front, and creatively styled moustache looking grille. The turn indicators have merged with fog lights, beneath the front bumper are skid plates. The hood too looks arty with strong rib section in the centre. Every nook and corner of the car has a new recipe the diamond cut 15 inch alloy wheels radiate to the core. The ground clearance is increased by 4mm. The electrically adjustable outer rear view mirrors have turn indicators, which makes the car standout beside Volkswagen Cross Polo, which has a sticker only. The other one of a kind feature is silver roof rail. 

Till now the features of Etios Cross sound great, what is more exciting is eight colour choices. Sources have liked blue and orange shades, and were not too fascinated with yellow. The interiors of the car are the same as Liva hatchback and Etios sedan. The inner décor is black all over; the seats are covered with good quality upholstery, but are not among the best. Sources were satisfied with the comfort levels of the seat to some extent. The seats have the Etios Cross tag, the front row seats are cosy, and the rear seats are not too comfortable. The cabin room is generously spacious and is a bonus to tide away from the concerns of not so restful seats.

The centre console looks posh, on which is professionally styled tachometer and speedometer. The buttons and stickers are not strategically positioned; the quality of entertainment system is good, but not so convenient. The audio system has to be externally plugged.

Etios Cross is sold in three power trains 1.4 litre diesel, and 1.2 and 1.5 litre petrol. Sources drove the 1.4 litre diesel and 1.5 lire petrol car. Although it wasn’t a lengthy drive, they enjoyed the ride encounter in 1.5 lire petrol car. The happy feeling can be compared to that of TRD Sportivo hatch; the 1496cc four cylinder petrol engine churns 132Nm torque and 90PS power. The power trains are attached to standard five speed manual transmission gear box.

Sources were pleased with engine motion, and the effect was great at high speeds. The torque output is excellent at low engine speeds, which is great to manoeuvre past hectic traffic. The diesel car offered a good drive rhythm, but not to the extent of petrol car. The car produces 170Nm and 68PS, the fuel efficiency rates of petrol and diesel cars are 16.78 and 23.59kmpl respectively.

Etios Cross is a great buy contributed by peppy engine and luxurious cabin room.

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