A look at the 2014 Toyota Prius V Hybrid

Toyota is not only the world’s largest auto maker, but also Hybrid pioneer. Toyota presented the hybrid cars which are now massively popular in the global market. The Prius hybrid is the most popular hybrid choice in the globe, though the competition in the field is getting more intensive day by day. Ford is also pulling into second position after Toyota in the hybrid field. There are others as well such as Honda with its very stylish and efficient hybrids. However, no other than the Japanese car giant can offer the huge plethora of the various hybrid models and powertrains options. Toyota has been offering a great choice of hybrids to the global car buyers more than a decade now.

2015 toyota prius side view rendering

In fact, Toyota Motor has showcased even a greater number of hybrid cars at the 2013 Hybrid World Tour that the car maker has in pipeline. The greener and friendly hybrid cars are indeed the specialty of Toyota. And for an all-rounder urban or suburban family hybrid car, the Toyota Prius V is the best ever choice.

The Prius V is the largest in the Prius family that includes the four models, the Prius C, the Prius plug-in and the original Prius. The hybrid cars’ primary criteria is Fuel economy, which the Prius V does fabulously, but this hybrid also takes care of the ample space and comfort requirements along with a very generous boot space as well. Again Toyota does a brilliant job at making the Prius V very spacious on the inside and compact on the outside, making it a very efficient city car.

The Prius V offers great overall room with ample legroom for the rear passengers. This car can accommodate 5 adult passengers and ample cargo space for all the occupants’ baggage as well. Though the rear seats are very comfortable and cosy, one really likes to be at the front.

The car offers very good driver’s position for a comfortable and commendable driving experience. A nice fabric upholstery comes as standard on these cars, which feels luxurious and is extremely durable to last for years. The driver’s seat comes with lumbar support feels great.

The Prius V although meant for a green, efficient car offers a great fun drive. It offers superb acceleration when in need and comes with the three drive mode of Power, Normal and Eco that all Prius cars come with.

The Prius V offers great visibility from the airy cabin which is very important. The car offers a user friendly dash and controls and offers various features of smart-key and keyless pushbutton start which is a great incorporation, as it is a city car. The car also comes at an attractive price point.

The info displays and the gauges on the Prius V come mounted on the center of the dashboard, the power tilt adjusting and telescope steering wheel is superb, but could be drawn little closer to the driver.

The Toyota Prius V is the one car than can truly impress a quality hybrid car seeker.

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