Reasons that make 2014 Highlander the best car to own

Everyone wants the 2014 Highlander, the car is way ahead of its arch rivals 2015 Honda Pilot and 2014 Nissan Pathfinder. Highlander has been on the scene for quite a while, the 2014 model is doing pretty well, and its growth market share volume is 20%. Highlander is a top choice for a happy family life, the car is now selling like wild fire, let’s figure out the reasons for its storming growth.

2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Cabin room and safety:

Nothing has changed with the new car in terms of exterior measurement; the interior room is enormously spacious and can easily accommodate seven to eight occupants. The car is a top scorer in Insurance Institute for Highway Safety category. The new Highlander is ahead of Honda Pilot and 2014 Nissan Pathfinder in safety rating. The car is sold in V6 all wheel drive version.

Highlander is incredibly fuel efficient to storm on the roads, the mileage offered on ideal city roads is 20mpg and on highways it is 24mph. The car looks trendy and sophisticated with professionally styled bold grille. It is bigger than its predecessor; the wheelbase measurement is increased by 17 to 18 inches. The increased width dimension is 0.6 inch, greater by 2.7 inches. Sources say the car looks much more attractive and interesting than its predecessor.

The insides are grand, the materials are soft, the doors and dash are neatly sculpted. Toyota says that the exterior frame is more compact, particularly visible in B pillar and roof area. The company says its goal with the car is to create a quieter model with the fitment of under carpet sound deadening, denser front dash panel silencer and refreshed acoustic windshield.

The vast cabin room is stuffed with refurnished dashboard shelf above glove box. Occupants can place all kinds of items on the shelf such as books, pens, small snack items and so on. The top console has large area of 24.5 liter, and can hold about 38 liters of cans. There is a new panoramic sunroof with cooled and heated front seats and heated steering. Toyota has added a new airbag into the car in front passenger compartment along with other high-end technologies such as lane departure warning systems, pre-collision, rear cross traffic, blind spot and auto high beams. The car has a world class driver information screen and touch screen controls for its advanced Entune entertainment.

The new Highlander is equipped with a robust 2.7 liter engine and 3.5 liter V6 engine that generates shockingly impressive power of 270hp. The car is well ahead of its competitors on various fronts. It is a perfect family car to look forward to, to simply have loads of fun family times. The car has everything from a trendy body, enormous interiors to power packed technologies. Occupants can sit back and relax on long drives listening to some amazing music and watching fun movies. Consumers can rely on optimum safety, and just enjoy a breezy ride with nothing to worry about.

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