Delhi Police opt for Toyota Innovas

India is an attractive market for big vehicles; a car that is pretty dormant is Toyota Innova. Each time an Innova car is spotted it is always jam packed with a large family unit. The structure of cop system has improved; there are policemen in every nook and corner of the streets. The condition of police vehicle is satisfactory, with the elevation of job quality the police station in Delhi are after Innova’s. The car will be offered to a hundred and eighty police stations spread across Delhi.

All New Toyota Innova

The plan to use Innova is not a new concept; about six hundred of these vehicles are used as mobile patrolling vans. The vehicles are provided to inspectors, the head of the police station unit in Delhi. The Delhi police are hell bent on using Innova’s and have even sought permission from Union Home Ministry to lend the vehicle to every station house quarter. The matter has reached the home ministry via a proposal sent by police.

The hierarchy of police force is a prestigious position; the country is a witness to a number of gruesome murders that require rigorous forensic investigation. Police station quarters have earlier used white Gypsy’s as patrol vehicles. The strength of police forces in each station is enormous, there are about 80,000 personnel’s scattered in 180 stations. Innova seems to be the perfect choice to accommodate growing number of employees; the car is roomy enough to fit in 10 occupants.

Now the main question is what is going to happen to the Gypsies, it will still be on the run used by two other inspectors in the station. The top position of police force has three inspectors. The topmost of three inspectors is the station house officer and the remaining positions are designated as Anti-Terrorist Officer (ATO) and Investigation Officer. When the senior house officer takes leave of absence the job is performed by the remaining two officers who work from dawn to dusk.

The police force requires detailed attention; apart from the usual vehicles each station has two Gypsies. One vehicle is used as (QRT) Quick Response Team, and the other (ERV) Emergency Response Vehicle. The vehicles are kept in areas that are visible to the police force in any market place or any spot that is open 24/7. The Innova seems perfect to toll around day and night, many officials can sit in the car and the crime will be solved at a faster pace. Earlier it was a common sight to see police in two wheeled motorbikes. On the topic of using cars, a police official said, ‘’I use my self owned car or drive to reach crime spots’’.

Innova not only offers enough space, but is also packed with advanced technology with robust GPS required to go in any unknown direction. Innova is a more reliable product to move in; it offers better room than Gypsy and has greater mileage and speed compared to many other ancient vehicles. It is difficult to maintain the Gypsy and is a burden to locate efficient mechanics.

Police officials can not only solve crimes at faster rate, but also take pride in soaking in a vehicle of great esteem.

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